Portal and Portlet Interview Preparation Guide
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Portal and portlet job interview preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Portal and Portlet frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Portal and portlet interviews

20 Portal and Portlet Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can you explain what is PortletSession interface?

User identification across many requests and transient information storage about the user is processed by PortletSession interace. One PortletSession is created per portlet application per client.

The PortletSession interface provides a way to identify a user across more than one request and to store transient information about that user.

The storing of information is defined in two scopes- APPLICATION_SCOPE and PORTLET_SCOPE.

APPLICATION_SCOPE: All the objects in the session are available to all portlets,servlets, JSPs of the same portlet application, by using APPLICATION_SCOPE.

PORTLET_SCOPE: All the objects in the session are available to the portlet during the requests for the same portlet window. The attributes persisted in the PORTLET_SCOPE are not protected from other web components.

2 :: Can you explain the Portal architecture?

The core implementation of the portal is UI, hosted by a Portal server. The HTTP requests, HTML responses, and returning appropriate portal pages are handled by the Portal UI. Enterprise Web application also can be handled by the Portal Server.

The portal architecture has the following:

Automaton Server: This server performs the management of job scheduling and implementation of a portal. It accesses all remote crawlers and profile services retrieved and stored from a remote database.

Image Server: This server hosts images and other web page content used by web services and a portal. With this configuration, large static files are to be sent directly to the browser without portal server impacts.

Search Server: This server indexes and searches all the information, applications, communities, documents, web sites through portal.

Collaboration Server: Web content publication and management for portals and web applications are supported by this server. Its functionality can be accessed by a remote web services through Enterprise Web Development kit.

Content Server: Publication and management of web content for portals and web applications along with form based publishing, branding, templates, content expiration is allowed by this server.

Authentication Server: This server handles the portal authentication for users and remote services can be accessed through EDK.

Remote Servers: Web services written using the EDK are hosted by remote servers. The servers can be in different countries, on different platforms and domains.

3 :: What is Horizontal Portals?

These are the portals are of type general interest. Yahoo!,Lycos,AOL,Freeserve,Sympatico are examples of horizontal portals.

4 :: What is Vertical Portals?

They provide a gateway to the information pertaining to a specific industry such as insurance, banking, finance, automobile, telecom etc.

5 :: What is B2B Portals?

The enterprises extend to suppliers and partners by using B2B portals.

6 :: What is B2E Portals?

The enterprise knowledge base integration and related applications into user customizable environment is done with B2E portals. This environment is like one stop shop.

7 :: What is B2C Portals?

The enterprises extend to customers for ordering, billing, services by using B2C portals.

8 :: Do you know what is PortletContext interface?

The portlet view of the portlet container is defined by PortletContext. It allows the availability of resources to the portlet. Using this context, the portlet log can be accessed and URL references to resources can be obtained. There is always only one context per portlet application per JVM.

9 :: What is the concepts and capabilities of Portal Structure Markup Language, PSML?

PSML was created to allow abstraction and content structure within Jetspeed. It has two markups:

Registry markup: Describes the availability of resources to the Jetspeed engine. It supports multiple portlet registries.
Site markup: The availability of portlets are described by this markup, which is displayed for a given user.

10 :: Do you know a Portlet and explain its capabilities?

Portlets are UI components that are pluggable and are managed, displayed in a web portal. Markup code fragments are produced by the portlets which are aggregated into a portal page. A portlet resembles an application that is web based and is hosted in a portal. Email, discussion forums, news, blogs, weather reports are some of the examples of portlets.