SQL Stored Procedures Interview Preparation Guide
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SQL Stored Procedures frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in MS SQL Stored Procedures. These interview questions and answers on SQL Stored Procedures will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the SQL Stored Procedures job interview

5 MS SQL Stored Procedures Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Stored Procedures?

A stored procedure is a compiled set of Transact-SQL statements.
The business logic can be encapsulated using stored procedure.
It improves network traffic by running set of Transact-SQL statements at one go.

2 :: What is extended Stored Procedures?

An extended stored procedure compiles as DLL and are created to expand capabilties of user defined stored procedure. It uses xp_ prefix as naming convention.

3 :: What are the purposes and advantages stored procedure?

Purposes and advantages of stored procedures:

Manage, control and validate data
It can also be used for access mechanisms
Large queries can be avoided
Reduces network traffic since they need not be recompiled
Even though the stored procedure itself may be a complex piece of code, we need not write it over and over again. Hence stored procedures increases reusability of code
Permissions can be granted for stored procedures. Hence, increases security.

4 :: Determine when to use stored procedure to complete SQL Server tasks?

If a large piece of code needs to be performed repeatedly, stored procedures are ideal
When hundreds of lines of SQL code need to be sent; it is better to use stored procedure through a single statement that executes the code in a procedure, rather than by sending hundreds of lines of code over the network.
When security is required.

5 :: MS SQL Stored Procedures Job Interview Questions!

What are the purposes and advantages stored procedure?
Determine when to use stored procedure to complete SQL Server tasks?
Define Stored procedure?
Explain the categories of stored procedure i.e. System stored procedure, local stored procedure, temporary stored procedure, extended stored procedure, remote stored procedure?
Explain nested stored procedure. Syntax and an example for create nested stored procedure?
In what three ways is the RETURN statement used in a stored procedure?
What security features are available for stored procedure?