Graphic Designer Interview Preparation Guide
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Graphic Designer Frequently Asked Questions in various Graphic Designer job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

77 Graphic Designer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me in your opinion, what are the qualities of a good graphic designer?

Here’s your first chance to sell yourself a little, but don’t overdo it. Think about the qualities that make a graphic designer great, and then expound on them a little. For example, you could say something like:

“There’s no substitute for design intuition, of course, but understanding design technology as it changes is absolutely vital. For that reason, I make it a priority to stay up to date with software like Adobe CS and keep my eye out for changing market trends.”

2 :: Tell me what inspired you to join graphic designing field?

I was always fascinated by animated images. My curiosity led me to take interest in animations and led me to opt for a degree in graphic designing. The most beautiful part is I can graphically create almost anything my mind conceives.

3 :: Explain me which programs are you comfortable working with?

(Do some homework, find out what programs does the company commonly use and make sure you mention those if you have expertise in them)
I am well versed in Photoshop, adobe, illustrator, Visio, In design and other layout based software. I like diversity and bring demonstrated ability to work effectively in almost any program. Usually I select the software that will best compliment the idea after studying the given assignment.

4 :: Explain which software do you prefer to work with and why?

Again, this is where research comes in handy. If you’re applying to a design job as a 3D modeler with a company that uses 3DStudio Max you want to be able to say that you use that same program, not that you only use Maya because you think 3DS is inferior. You can frame it like this:

“I think it’s important to know multiple modeling systems, because each has it’s benefits and drawbacks. I understand that your studio uses 3DStudio Max; I’m very familiar with 3DS, so I should be able to hit the ground running here.”

5 :: Explain us more about your design background?

Finding out more about the designer’s background, based on his or her general introduction can provide us with relevant information about the design school the candidate attended, past/current work positions, design experience, problems and projects that s/he found along the way and how this translates to his/her current design career and future aspirations.

6 :: Explain me what software do you use, and when?

Standard skills are a must, from Adobe to Sketch, but look for the extra during an interview.

Processing, illustration, animation, video, art skills, and the like, that bring extra potential to specific clients and projects.

7 :: Please explain how would you describe your work and your influences?

Look for elaborate and interesting stories, search for passion for design and design-thinking. References to history, design history, art, culture, music and architecture are useful when describing choices, intentions and solutions.

8 :: Tell us what are your strengths as Graphic Designer?

Tell us what you do best and list the areas where you want to be even better. Please do show off (but don’t overdo it).

Concentrate on all the positive qualities that you would bring to a project, client or a brand. We know that you work hard, and might be a team player, but we want to know what you can create that would be excellent.

9 :: Tell me what interests you about our company?

Read through the company’s website and any other marketing materials you may have access to. Good, safe answers are:

☛ “I love the work your company does and I want to be part of it.
☛ “I’m looking for a place where I can apply and further develop my skills”
☛ “I believe I can be a valuable asset to your company”

10 :: Tell me what’s your favorite portfolio piece?

Be prepared to tell us what it is and why.