Business Management Interview Preparation Guide
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Business Management job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean Business Management and get preparation for the job of Business Management

36 Business Management Questions and Answers:

1 :: Why should you be selected in company?

Because i have the capability to participate in work which
lead the company to achieve its goal

2 :: What are your hobbies?

it is most frequently question ask by any interviewer bt the most important thing in this question is that we should show our real hobbies rather than artificial in which we actively participate and have a profound knowledge about that.............

3 :: How you choose commerce as a stream?

Because my interest in the business line so i want to adopt
the commerce stream

4 :: What is the differentiate between tailormade homemade and readymade?

tailormade means making the things by giving orders
home made is making thing ourselves
readymade is buying the things that already made

5 :: What is the difference between PROVISION & RESERVE?

PROVISION : Provision is a charge to P&L a/c.
RESERVE : Reserve is an appropriation of profit.
provision : it is because of legal necessity.
reserve : it is a matter of finavial prudence.
provision : creation of provision decreases the funds of
the business.
reserve : creation of reserve increases the working capital
of the business.
provision : can be made irrespective of profit / loss
reserve : cannot be made when there is loss.
provision : are made against expected losses.
reserve :safe guard against unexpected losses and there by
to strengthen the financial position of the company

6 :: Why did you chose this specialization(finance,HR)?

i am interested in finance actually i like to play with
numbers and i want to take challenges in my life.

7 :: What is basic difference between FII & FDI?

In FII, d foreign investment is mk thru any intermediary means
any institution is thr b/w investor or domestic co.,
bt in FDI, investment is directly md thru joint venture or in collaboration wid any domestic co.
simply means in fdi, investment can be made directly.........

8 :: Why do you choose marketing?

Marketing is a wide concept and is involved in every
department of an organization. It involves a close
organised study of market aligned with all functional
departments. It provides a fair oppurtunity to enter into
the market from TARGET MARKET till AFTER SALE SERVICE for
the exisiting firm or from PRODUCT DESIGN till AFTER SALE

Marketing has many dimensions and verticals, which make it
the most important and critical factor for an organization
for the existence in the competative world.

9 :: What do you do after losing current job without information?

firstly , you should get angrry & settle all ur salary and
incentives then try new job without frusteting.

10 :: Can husband & wife run a partnership firm?

yes they both b a good partnership firm

11 :: What is All About sales?

Sales is about generating prospects,evaluating them for
business opportunities,getting the requirement from them and
providing adequate solutions so that it gets convertd into
Revenues for the company.
Sales is about developing and closing business deals and
earn profits.

14 :: What are your strengths & weakness?

1. My strengths are that I always try to learn from my
2. I work patiently to get a good result.
3. I am friendly with everyone.
4. Easily adapt any critical situation
5. I am very punctual of time.
1. My weakness is I expect perfection in everything.
2. I don't feel comfortable until I finish my work.
3. Not fluent in English at my confidence level.

15 :: What is your first task as a marketing officer?

According to me i will first identify the need of my customer second when they are in need of my services and how effectively i can satisfy their need under the organizational structure.

16 :: I am a non bca candidate. so why pharmaceutical company are select me?

marketing does not require specialty in the stream. the
person dealing with the product must have convincing power
with respect to the product and fulfill the desire of the
concern person

17 :: What is tha pop & pos materials?

point of purchase and point of sale

18 :: Why the value of rupee decreasing or i can say fluctuate compare to dollar please explain it?

bcoz our country doesnt had dollers,DOLLERS HAD BIG DEMAND
so price value comes down & now a days foriegn
institutional investors(FII) not going to invest in our
country by dollers tis s also a reason of tat,spain,greece
country currency was very much depreciated so those people
in tat country planned to invest a money in dollers.

19 :: What are the 4 peace in marketing?

Price and