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Why don't dairy cattle have access to pasture on some farms?


Access to pasture is determined mainly by geography, availability of land suitable for grazing, and weather conditions. Many factors affect the type of environment available to dairy cows. In all cases, the well-being, protection and comfort of their cows are dairy farmers' main concerns. Many of today's dairy farms use "freestall housing," a type of barn that allows cows the freedom to move about at will and eat and sleep whenever and wherever they choose. In this housing configuration, feed for the animals is available in a feed alley (a clean, impervious surface), which cows can access 24 hours a day. In addition, the barns are designed to provide sunshine and fresh air.

Cows housed indoors may sleep on sand beds or mattresses made of rubber, foam or a combination of materials. Most dairy barns also use advanced ventilation systems to assure air quality. On warm days, farmers use fans and misters to keep cows cool and comfortable.

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