Veterinary Physiologist Question:
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Tell me what aspects of your life's experience make you a good candidate for veterinary school?


I have worked with different veterinarians for about six years, and have seen different kinds of practices (corporate and privately owned). I also have experience working at the front desk as a receptionist, running lab tests, and performing nursing duties--including interacting with clients and explaining medications, diseases, etc. I also grew up with pets in my home, and have developed strong compassion for both people and animals. My study abroad experience in South Africa also makes me a great candidate for veterinary school because I was able to adapt quickly to a different setting and learned an area of veterinary medicine that was new to me, including wildlife education and conservation.

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Explain what are some of the most important issues you see facing veterinarians currently and in the coming years? How will you deal with these?Tell us if you were accepted to two veterinary schools of your top choice, what would you do to decide between the two?