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Salary, Bonuses, Overtime, and Expectations based Paralegal Interview Question:


► What is your current salary?
► What is your base salary?
► Are you compensated for overtime? How much do you receive in overtime pay?
► Did you receive a bonus? If so, what was it based upon?
► Do you hold an exempt (not paid overtime) or nonexempt (overtime is paid) position?
► What salary are you seeking?
► Excuse me????
► Would you be interested in a temporary to permanent position? If so, what is the hourly rate you are seeking?
► What was your total compensation?
► We start all our entry-level paralegals at $ per year. (You are expected to respond.)
► Can you work overtime? (Requires a yes or no answer only.)
► We offer a bonus based on merit. (You may be expected to ask a few questions here.)
► Are you open for negotiation regarding your salary requirements?
► Can you work weekends?
► Are you available for the night shift?
► What would you like to be earning in 5 years?

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