Real Estate Agent Question:
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How long have you been in the business? Is this your full-time job?


Full-time, experienced people generally are the way to go, although there may be nothing wrong with folks who have less experience but know the area very well.

Part-time agents are the best option only if you are looking to buy a home and don't want your search to be too active, the kind of thing where you are moving slowly, happy to see the occasional home that might spur you to act. The problem with part-timers is that they are not always going to be available when you need them. Remember, too, that a real estate agent's life heats up when a sale is pending; if she squeezes in business between a lot of other activities, she may not have sufficient time to handle the demands of the deal at its most delicate time.

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What is your experience and education?What methods of communication do you utilize?