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Explain how to do palmistry? How to read hands?


This question comes up a lot on the search engines. Or "palm lines, what does it mean?", " "how do palmists interpret hands?" etc. The answer is to read every palmistry book you can find, maybe go on a course, gather as much info as you can, try it out, test it on lots of people. Then you will gradually learn how to do it. It isn't something you can learn overnight. In fact you never stop learning. There are so many different palmistry traditions, hand reading theories, scientific discoveries to learn about. Everyone is unique so there are always new combinations of features to look at on people's hands. The combinations are the important thing. You have to look at every feature in conjunction with everything else on the hand. Don't get too hung up on signs and symbols, like "I have a star on my Luna Mount" etc. I don't believe that such markings are omens. In fact most aren't independent stars at all, but lines crossing at a central point, so interpret the lines and you may get an idea what the 'star' represents. If you want to learn, there is plenty of info out there - look up internet sites (see links page), read books (see books page for recommendations). Have fun ! It is a fascinating subject to study!

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