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HTML Tutorial >> HTML Introduction.

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This html tutorial contains the complete guide about how to use HTML to create your own web pages. HTML is quite easy to learn and we hope you will really enjoy during learning.

What is an HTML File?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
HTML file contains some predefined tags called markup tags like <html> is a tag..
Markup tags contains the data called content of the web page.
Content of the web page will be visible on web page by web browser.
HTML file must be save with the extension of .html or .htm
No software is must required to create HTML file we can do this using simple Note Pad.

Start HTML files creation now.

If you are using Microsoft Windows then you need to open Note Pad for HTML coding and if you are using Mac operating system then you need to open Simple Text Editor for HTML coding. While using Mac start Text Edit and change the following preferences. Open the [Format] menu and select [Plain Text] instead of [Rich Text]. Then open the [Preferences] windows under the [Text Edit] menu and then select this option [Ignore rich text commands in HTML files]. Remember your HTML working will not give you the desired result if you do not follow above way of configurations.

HTML Code.

              <title>Title of your web page place here.</title>
<h1>HTML Tutorial</h1>
<b>Body area</b> will be visible in web browser and here we can place our<br>

Step 1: Save the file with above HTML tags as “index.html” on you hard drive at any location where you want and be remember about that location where you save this HTML file.
Step 2: Start your web browser. Click on File Menu on left top of the web browser and click on Open or Open File option, after that browser will display a dialog box for HTML file location, now you need to tell this box where your file is saved so click on Brows or just go to that location where you saved the “index.html” file and double click on file, file will be selected for opening purpose or the simple way to open a file is this that go that location where you saved your created HTML file and double click on it file will automatically open in web browser available on your PC.

Tip: You can also open your saved file "indx.html" by a short way and that is this go to that directory where you saved your first webpage and just double click on this file, file will open in any web browser available on your PC automatically.

Explanation of HTML code.

Every HTML document always start with the tag <html> and these tags are predefined under the W3C consortium. When we write <html> tag in the start of our document browser will consider this document as HTML document. After that we have started the <head> tag this tag contains the information about the title of your web page. <title> tag is use to tell the browser about the title of web page and this tag always placed in between the <head> tag and after the <head> we start the <body> tag this tag contain the whole content of your web page visible on browser. </html> is closing tag of our web page this tag tells browser that HTML documents ends here after that if we write any content that will not be on display.
Some other tags like <br>, <b> etc you will learn later.

Extension of HTML file?

An HTML page can be saved as .html or htm as its extension. Some of old backward software are still use the three letters for a file extension to process it so mostly web pages you will found as three letters for there extensions. Its up to you, to choose .htm or .html. Our suggestion is to use .htm only because of tradition.

HTML Editors.

The best way for the bingers is to use Notepad for HTML files creation. After a complete knowledge we suggest you to use the Microsoft Front Page or Dreamweaver instead of notepad. Because these tools build HTML tags automatically and close them all properly and graphically these tools are very easy to make a complete website. However, if you want to be a skillful Web developer, we strongly recommend that you use a plain text editor to learn your primer HTML.

HTML Introduction Summary

What is HTML file we learned here HTML Tutorial section of HTML Introduction.
In this HTML Tutorial lesson we started the creation of HTML files.
Here we studied the extensions of HTML file.
HTML Editors available in market we know it now.

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