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HTML Lists Introduction

This html tutorial section describes how to create html lists within your HTML documents. There are a various types of lists that can be created; the most common being ordered (numbered html list) and unordered (bulleted html list). Here HTML Tutorial section of HTML Lists you'll find out how to customize your lists along with the less common list types, menu, definition and directories.

HTML Basic List

HTML Lists are defined by a list type and contain list items. The basic html list type determines how the list items are rendered, i.e. with bullets, numbers and/or indentation in a web page. Most browsers render html lists indented from the rest of the body text, however it is best not to rely on this as a source of indentation. For complex lists it is perfectly acceptable to nest lists, thus giving multi-level bullet points or numbering. The following html list example shows how to create a simple bullet point html list using the <UL> list type, which uses <LI></LI> as its html list item element.

Basic Colors in HTML

Out put of HTML List Example

Basic Colors in HTML
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Here in HTML Tutorial an unordered html list provides each html list element with a bullet. As further levels of list are included (this is called nesting html list items), the bullet may change (but not necessarily). An unordered list should be enclosed in a pair of <UL></UL> tags.

Netscape Navigator 2
and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 upwards only. This optional attribute enables you to select one of the following forms of bullets in html list.

HTML Ordered Lists

Here HTML Tutorial an HTML Ordered List provides the list elements will sequential numbering. An html ordered list should be enclosed in a pair of html <OL></OL> tags.


This optional html list attribute enables you to select one of the following forms of numbering, where type=1 is the default:


1, 2, 3, ...


A, B, C, ...


a, b, c, ...


I, II, III, ...


i, ii, iii, ...


This optional list attribute enables you to specify a start value for your html list. The value is always specified in terms of 1, 2, 3, etc. regardless of any TYPE attribute.


This optional list compact attribute is not widely supported. It is used to to indicate that the html list contains only short list items, so it may be rendered in a more compact way.

HTML Order list Example


HTML Order List Example Out put

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