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HTML Tutorial >> HTML Forms.

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Introduction to HTML Forms

This HTML Tutorial section describes how to create html forms within your HTML documents. HTML forms are used to gain information from the reader such as feedback, an on-line order for goods, database entry or subscription to a mailing list. We have divided the section between how to place a form on the page (the easy part) and how to get it to return some results (the not so easy part!).

If you can't get your head around writing forms, then trying visiting They are a FREE service and will generate the HTML for you as well as letting you use their scripts and their server, so you can easily add fill-out forms to your website.

Syntax of HTML Form

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="subject" VALUE="Title of Form">

form dialogs in here

<INPUT TYPE="submit">
<INPUT TYPE="reset">

Here HTML Tutorial explains that there is a wide variety of dialog items available for you to place on your html form. You must include the <FORM></FORM> tags or they will not show up. Dialog items are placed there using the <INPUT>, <SELECT> and <TEXTAREA> elements

Described in detail later, the dialog items are as follows:
HTML Form Dialog Name HTML Form Dialog Output HTML Form Tag Description
Text Entry in HTML Form <input type="text" name="T2" size="20" value="Global Guide Line">
Check Boxes in HTML Form One Two Checked True <input type="checkbox" name="C2" value="ON"> Two
<input type="checkbox" name="C3" value="ON" checked> Checked True
Radio Button in HTML Form One Two Three <input type="radio" value="V1" name="R1"> Two
<input type="radio" value="V1" name="R1"> Three
Image in HTML Form <input border="0" src="../images/ggl.gif" name="I1" width="48" height="44" type="image">
File in HTML Form <input type="file" name="F1" size="20">
Submit in HTML Form <input type="submit" value=" Submit " name="B1">
Reset of HTML Form <input type="reset" value=" Reset " name="B2">
Hidden dialog of HTML Form   <input type="hidden" value=" any value " name="txtHidden">
Dropdown List in HTML Form <select size="1" name="D1">
Select Box of HTML Form <select NAME="Example select box" SIZE="3">
<option VALUE="1">Global</option>
<option SELECTED VALUE="2">Guide</option>
<option VALUE="3">Line</option>
<option VALUE="4">Tutorials</option>
<option VALUE="4">GGL is IT Portal</option>
Text Area of HTML Form <textarea rows="3" name="S1" cols="20">Global
Button Simple of HTML Form <input type="button" value=" Button " name="B3">

Example of HTML Form

Employee Registration Form.
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Gender Male    Female


Code of HTML Form Example.

<FORM ACTION="..." Method="get">
Firs Name <input type="text" value="" name="txtFName" size="24"><br>
Last Name <input type="text" value="" name="txtLName" size="24"><br>
Date of Birth <input type="text" value="" name="txtFName" size="24"><br>
Gender Male <input type="radio" value="male" checked name="mf">
Female <input type="radio" value="female" name="mf"><br>
Email <input type="text" value="" name="txtFName" size="24"><br>
Address <textarea rows="4" name="S2" cols="20"></textarea><br>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" value="Submit Information">
<INPUT TYPE="reset" value="Clear All">

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