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HTML Tutorial >> HTML Fonts.

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Here in HTML Tutorial section you will learn that HTML Font face and color depends entirely on the computer and browser that is being used to view your page.
So, if you have downloaded a marvelous font that you "adore", and use it on your page....there is a chance that the visitors to your page may not be able to see it, and their browser may display the default font!
Please be aware of this when designing your page. If a particular "rare" font is needed for your page title, for example, then it may actually be a good idea to create a graphic for it instead!

The html font attributes are face, size and color.

To change any of the html font attributes at any time within your web page, simply use the <font> tag. The text that follows will remain changed until you close with the </font> tag.

We can change any or all of the font attributes at the one time, by including all the required changes within the one <font> tag.

<font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#0000A0" size="+2">
HTML Tutorial is changing the font face, color and size.</font>

Will appear as
HTML Tutorial is changing the font face, color and size.

HTML Font Face

<font face="fontname">
Remember to always close with the </font> tag.

There are many interesting html fonts available for you to use. The default html font face is Times New Roman. Some font faces are
Times New Roman
Comic Sans MS

HTML Font Size

There are two ways to change your html font size. specify the actual font size <font size="n"> where "n" is a number from 1 to 7.
Remember to always close with the </font> tag in your web page.

 Font size="1"
Font size="2"
Font size="3"
...this is the default font size.
Font size="4"
Font size="5"
Font size="6"
Font size="7"

Specify the relative font size
. <font size="+n"> or <font size="-n">.
Basically, you are specifying how many html font sizes larger or how many sizes smaller than the preset font size

Font size="-2"

Font size="-1"
Font size="+1"
Font size="+2"
Font size="+3"
Font size="+4"
This is the default size for this we can change the size with
<font size="+3">
to make it larger, </font> or
<font size="-2">
to make it smaller </font>

HTML Font Colors

HTML Font colors can also be changed for effect and impact.
You can specify the color that you want by either the color name or hexadecimal code for that color.


<font color="colorname">.
Remember to include the ". Some browsers will interpret the color without the ", some will is always best to include it!
You must remember to close with </font> in your web page

Note....these color names may not be recognized by all browsers.
Some examples of html font color names are:




 For a complete list of html font color names, (over 400 of them!) Go back and see HTML Colors.


<font color="#rrggbb">, where "#rrggbb" is the hexadecimal number.
Remember to include the "#. Some browsers will interpret the html color without the "#, some will is always best to include it!
You must remember to close with </font>

Some examples of hexadecimal numbers are:




For a listing of all the 216 Netscape colors, showing your selected html color as a background, and also as an html fonts color on selected different background colors, please go back for color details.

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