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HTML Tutorial >> HTML Backgrounds.

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HTML Background Explanation.

Here in HTML Tutorial you will learn that besides html hyperlinks, the other great advantage of the Web is the ability to integrate graphic images into a web document as its background. Some would argue that this represents one of the greatest strengths of the Web. Graphics are certainly used as heavily as html hyperlinks, and represent most of the data which is transferred, so it's fitting that we spend some time discussing them. By the time we finish this HTML Tutorial section of HTML Backgrounds, we'll be able to create web pages that will make you the envy of your friends! So that would be the case if you had friends like mine. Never mind.

In HTML document you have <body> tag and this tag has two attributes where you can specify backgrounds for your entire web page.  The first attribute is bgcolor where you can specify the color of your web page like red, blue, green etc and the second one is background and here you can specify the path or url of an image,  The image will be display on the background of  your web page. The background of a your web page can be a color or an image.

HTML Bgcolor

This attribute of <body> tag specifies the background-color for your HTML page. The value of this attribute can be a Hexadecimal or Number or  RGB (Red, Green , Blue) value, or a color name directly.

<body bgcolor="FFFFFF">
<body bgcolor="rgb(255,255,255)">
<body bgcolor="whiite">  

All the above line will make your web page background white and here in line first bgcolor's value can be 0 to 9 or A to F Hexadecimal and on the next line we can give any value form 0 to 255 and the first attribute of rgb is red second is green and third is for blue like rgb(red,green,blue).  In third line we write the value of bgcolr as the name of color like red, green, blue , white, black etc.

HTML Backgrounds.

Here HTML Tutorial will guide how the html background attribute specifies a background-image for an HTML page. The value of this attribute is a path or url of the image you want to use as back ground. If the image is smaller than the browser window, the image will repeat itself until it fills the entire browser window entirely.

<body background="image_Name.jpg">
<body background="">

We can set path for an image absolutely like the name of the picture which will be as background as shown in line first and we can also set a URL for an image like line two  .If you want to use a background image for your web page, you should keep in mind that the background image increase the loading time too much.  And you should remember that will the background image look good with other images on the page? Try to use the image which is compatible with the text colors on the page and looks good. If the background image repeated then is is looking good or not?  Also examine that may be the used image take away the focus of viewer from the text.

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