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Dot Net Remoting Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: Dot Net Remoting Job Interview Questions and Answers

Dot Net Remoting frequently Asked Questions in various Dot Net Remoting job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Dot Net Remoting job interview

1 Can we configure a .NET Remoting object via XML file?
2 What is the difference btw the following methods in .NET remoting?RegisterWellknownServiceType()RegisterWellknownClientType()RegisterActivatedServiceType()RegisterActivatedClientType()
3 Explain About sn.exe?
4 Explain About .NET Remoting and types of remoting?
5 What are static assemblies and dynamic assemlies.Differences between them?
6 What is a process?
7 What are various types of assemblies?
8 What is strong name and what is the purpose of strong name?
9 What is an assembly and what does manifest consists?
10 What do you mean by passport authentication and windows authentication?
11 What is boxing and unboxing?
12 Explain Threading Types?
13 What is unmanaged code and will CLR handle this kind of code or not?
14 Write a example for remoting (code)?
15 Explain is .NET Remoting?
16 What is sitemap?
17 What is the diff between remoting and webservice?
18 What are the various type of channels used by .Net remoting and which is the best one?
19 In which conditions do you opt for Remoting services?
20 What are the differences between Marshal by value and Marshal by reference?
21 Give the Hierarchial description of remoting?
22 How to perform Remoting?
23 When we use web service and when we use Remoting?
24 Choosing between HTTP and TCP for protocols and Binary and SOAP for formatters, what are the trade-offs? In what way it is best?
25 How does assembly versioning in .NET prevent DLL Hell?
26 How to directly call a native function exported from a DLL?

2012-03-28 07:17:11

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Re: Dot Net Remoting Interview Questions And Answers

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