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ERP CRM Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) CRM Job Interview Questions and Answers

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) CRM frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in ERP CRM. So get preparation for the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) CRM job interview

1 In Intercompany billing (IV) what are the accounting postings will happen?
2 What are fields need to be activated for the available check and TOR?
3 How credit management is linked with pricing?
4 What is the output used for credit management where it can be processed?
5 How we can see the credit reports?
6 Where are the places credit check will be done?
7 How the accounting document type RV will be configured and link to the billing document type?
8 What know about the back order process and what is the transaction code?
9 What is the use of order reasons and rejection reasons?
10 Can We set a delivery block for a  customer on particular sales area. Explain?
11 What are the files we submit while your program move to testing instance?
12 Why do you want to do SAP?
13 Explain MM flow with Tcodes & tables?
14 What is the invoice matching?
15 What is the use of enterprise structure in SAP-SD module?
16 How to change the account group of a customer?
17 What is  the difference between the functional consultant and technical consultant in SAP.  what are the duties of them?
18 What are the difference between verstions of 5.o and ecc6.0?
19 What are the steps to run the Payment Run? Explain by point wise?
20 What is the importance of next Posting or Payment date in APP and how it will effect the business?
21 What is the Meaning of up to docs in APP and what is the use of it?
22 What is the use of Rec.account and open item management, for which account we?
23 What is the use of Relevant to Cash Flow filed in GL account?
24 What is the use of Trading Partner in GL account?
25 What is the use of Sort code?

2012-03-28 06:47:53

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Re: ERP CRM Interview Questions And Answers

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