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SAP Basis Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: SAP Basis Job Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Basis frequently Asked Questions in various SAP Basis job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of SAP Basis job interview

1 what is ECC? what is the main difference between ECC and other older versions of SAP?
2 What is the common storage file for oracle?
3 Are any other tools other than SAP used to manage transport?
4 What is logical system? How to create and why?
5 Explain What is ECC? what is the main difference between ECC and other older versions of SAP?
6 What is the link between roles profiles and projects?
7 What to do when we cannot login to a dialog server?
8 What is saint update?
9 What types of security problem you will get?
10 What is MCOD?
11 What is the default file for TMS?
12 How does portal communicate with the ABAP stack?
13 What is the difference between transactional rfc and regular rfc?
14 What are the 2 systems in Solution Manager Landscape?
15 What is the function of garbage collector, explain?
16 How to assign a object to 100 roles at a time?
17 What is check point in the database of oracle & what return code 247 in TMS mean?
18 how to find the modifications or changes which are done by the particular user with in particular time period?
19 Suppose we are not login in to the newly created client with any of the following passwords -pass, defalut pass, 06071992,19920607?
20 What type of files are created during the export?
21 When will the table get automatically updated in the database IN ABAP?a) activating the tableb) saving the table

2012-03-28 06:47:48

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Re: SAP Basis Interview Questions And Answers

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