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SAP PP Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: SAP PP Job Interview Questions and Answers

SAP PP frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in SAP PP. So get preparation for the SAP PP job interview

1 Can we create Production order without bom and routing?
2 what is the difference between PP and PP-PI?Which one is better and how?
3 If there are some errors in goods movements, and less stock of material consumed, how can i solve that problem in SAP?
4 If there are some errors in goods movements, and less stock of material consumed, how can we solve that problem in SAP?
5 Explain why their is need of production version?
6 Explain what is the meaning of exploding a BOM?
7 What are all the different manufacturing scenarios in pp?
8 in sap system, how to get production order record! example: i want to know who lock my production order!
9 What is the need of pp in sap, what is the flow diagram of sap pp
10 In which context do you use bills of material? [ ] Material Requirements Planning  [ ] Execute Production [ ] Goods Movements (to Help Data Entry) [ ] Product Costing [ ] Development/Engineering/Design [ ] Documentation [ ] Others?
11 Do you have different BOMs for a material in different plants?
12 What structure do your BOMs have? How many levels are there?How many components are there on each level?
13 Which BOM maintenance functions do you require (copy functions, mass changes, and so on)?
14 Do you have products with a large number of variants? Do you need Variant Configuration?
15 Do you have several alternative BOMs for a material, depending on the manufacturing procedure or lot size, for example (multiple BOM)?
16 What we will do after the marking andreleasing of standard price in product costing?
17 Tell me the planning steps for 100 products?
18 What is the difference between stock transfer order and stock transport order?
19 What are the costing parameter?

2012-03-28 06:46:47

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Re: SAP PP Interview Questions And Answers

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