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SAP CRM Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: SAP CRM Job Interview Questions and Answers

SAP CRM frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in SAP CRM. So get preparation for the SAP CRM job interview

1 what is the action profile in sap crm?how to use complaints and returns life cycle in service process?
2 What is the relation between crm and sapr3 architecture?
3 What is the difference between R/3 AND CRM?
4 How to integrate R/3 with CRM?
5 Explain some example of business object, customizing object, conditon object?
6 Quotation transaction type comes under which functionality in CRM?
7 What is master data in sap crm?
8 How is the job market for sap crm?
9 Suppose we have created a organizational structure in a non-sap system and how we will transfer this organizational structure to another non-sap systems?
10 What is the standard transaction type for quatation?
11 How to enhance BP?
12 How many tabs are there in navigation bar?
13 Whether sap consultant work on development server or testing server?
14 Can we download data from datasets/Info sets?
15 How many types of campaign are their?
16 What type of Business Scenario you are following in you  Project? Business Scenario means what?
17 How to find target group & what is the flow of BP to Target group?
18 What is Activity Journal?
19 What is difference between ECC & CRM?
20 At the time of Implemention, What type of problem you generally face?
21 What is Action Profile?
22 What is the rule of organizational determination?
23 In Delta download which table is retrieve from R/3 to CRM?
24 What is mapping? How it is done?
25 What is Task & Activity?

2012-03-28 06:46:20

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Re: SAP CRM Interview Questions And Answers

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