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SAP Security Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: SAP Security Job Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Security frequently Asked Questions in various SAP Security job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of SAP Security job interview

1 What is the rule set in GRC?
2 What is use of su56?
3 What is use of derived roles and where it is used?
4 How to lock all the users at a time?
5 How can find out whether CUA(Central User Administration) is configured on your sap system?
6 One of the user logged into Production System, changed a table and then logged out. How will you track him?
7 How do we test security systems. What is the use of SU56?
8 What is the landscape of GRC?
9 How we Check if the PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY is running for user master reconciliations?
10 How we Schedule and administering Background jobs?
11 How we Restrict the auth groups for table maintain, creating Auth group using SE54 to built new Auth groups to restrict tables via auth object S_TABU_DIS?
12 What are the prerequisites we should take before assigning sap_all to a user even we have approval from authorization controllers?
13 What are the Critical Tcodes and Authorization Objects in R/3?
14 If u r using 10 firefighter ids at a time? How will the log reports goes to controller?
15 What is ruleset? and how to update risk id in rule set?
16 What is the procedure for Role modifications? explain with example?
17 Who will done user comparison?
18 What is the maximum number of profiles in a role?
19 What is the maximum number of authorization objects in a role?
20 What is the maximum number of authorization in an object?
21 What is the difference between PFCG,PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY&PFUD?
22 What does the Profile Generator do?
23 What is the main purpose of Parameters, Groups & Personalization tabs?
24 Tell me about derived role?
25 What is the main difference between single role and a derived role?
26 Does s_tabu_dis org level values in a master role gets reflected in the child role?
27 What is the T-code to get into RAR from R/3?
28 Explain about SPM?
29 What is the use of RSECADMIN?

2012-03-28 06:45:41

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Re: SAP Security Interview Questions And Answers

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