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Software QA Interview Questions And Answers

Software Testing :: Software QA Testing Job Interview Questions and Answers

Software QA Testing Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Software QA is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. Software Testing also provides an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks at implementation of the software. So learn more about Software QA with this Software QA Testing Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 What is Software Quality Assurance?
2 What is Quality Assurance (QA)?
3 Explain Quality Control?
4 What is Test methodology?
5 What is Test schedule?
6 What is Grey box testing?
7 What is Manual Testing?
8 What is Alpha Testing?
9 What is Incremental testing?
10 What is OO Integration Testing?
11 What is Interface Testing?
12 Explain Exhaustive Testing?
13 Explain Beta Testing?
14 Explain Dynamic Testing?
15 Explain Glass box testing?
16 What is The Mission of Testing?
17 Explain Software Testing Strategies?
18 Explain Black-box Testing?
19 What is Clear box testing?
20 What is Open box testing?
21 Explain Unit testing?
22 What is Branch Coverage Testing?
23 Explain Branch Testing?
24 What is Assertion Testing?
25 Explain Compatibility testing?
26 Explain Integration Testing?
27 Explain Incremental integration testing?
28 Explain Functional testing?
29 What is Mutation testing?
30 What is Parallel Testing?
31 What is Parallel/audit testing?
32 Explain Performance Testing?
33 What is Qualification Testing?
34 Explain Storage Testing?
35 What is The objective of regression testing?
36 Explain Stress Testing?
37 Explain System Testing?
38 What is Operational Testing?
39 What is Audit?
40 Explain Path Testing?
41 What is What are the parameters of performance testing?
42 What is Statement Testing?
43 Explain Regression Testing?
44 What is Volume Testing?
45 Functional testing?
46 What is OO System Testing?
47 What is Gamma testing?
48 Explain End-to-end testing?
49 Explain Installation testing?
50 What is Recovery/error testing?
51 Explain Acceptance Testing?
52 Explain Testing?
53 What is Boundary value Testing?
54 What is Error-based Testing?
55 Explain Monkey testing?
56 Explain Mutation testing?
57 Explain Smoke testing?
58 Explain Code inspection?
59 Explain Code walkthrough?
60 What is Measurement?
61 What is Cause-effect Graphing?
62 What is Brainstorming?
63 Explain Cause-effect Graphing?
64 Explain Client?
65 What is Glossary of Software QA/Testing?
66 Explain Verification?
67 What is Integration?
68 Explain Cyclomatic complexity?
69 Explain Debugging?
70 What is Defect Density?
71 Explain Error?
72 What is Dynamic Analysis?
73 Evaluation?
74 What is Failure?
75 What is Fault?
76 What is Fault-based Testing?
77 What is Function Points?
78 What is Histogram?
79 What is Incremental Analysis?
80 Explain Inputs?
81 What is Lload testing?
82 Explain Structural Testing?
83 Explain Usability Testing?
84 What is Closed box testing?
85 What is OO Function Testing?
86 Explain Ad hoc testing?
87 What is Bottom-up testing?
88 Explain Sanity testing?
89 What is Security/penetration testing?
90 What is Disaster recovery testing?
91 What is Comparison testing?
92 What is Reliability testing?
93 What is Top-down Testing?
94 What is Partition Testing?
95 What is Stochastic testing?
96 Explain Automated testing?
97 Explain Validation?
98 What is Code review?
99 Explain Glossary of Software QA/Testing?
100 Explain Cause effect graph?
101 What is Affinity Diagram?
102 What is Cause-and-Effect (Fishbone) Diagram?
103 What is Checksheet?
104 What is Control Chart?
105 What is V- Diagram (model)?
106 What is Walkthrough?
107 What is Customer (end user)?
108 What is Data Flow Analysis?
109 What is Defect Analysis?
110 Explain Defect?
111 What is Desk Checking?
112 What is Usability?
113 What is Execution?
114 What is Failure-directed Testing?
115 What is Fault Tree Analysis?
116 What is Flowchart?
117 What is Heuristics Testing?
118 What is Hybrid Testing?
119 What is Infeasible Path?
120 What is Operational Requirements?
121 What is Class Level Methods?
122 Explain Basis Path Testing?
123 Explain Operational Testing?
124 What is Outputs?
125 What is Path Coverage Testing?
126 What is Policy?
127 Explain Test Bed?
128 What is Supplier?
129 What is ISSUES?
130 What is ISO - International Organisation for StandardizationO?
131 What is ANSI - American National Standards Institute?
132 Explain Traceability matrix?
133 What is V&V?
134 What is Life Cycle?
135 What is SDLC - software development life cycle?
136 What is Boundary value?
137 What is Branch coverage?
138 What is Software Bug?
139 What is Top-Down Strategy?
140 What is Big-Bang Strategy?
141 What is Coverage analysis?
142 What is Criticality?
143 What is Error seeding?
144 Explain Failure?
145 Explain Fault?
146 What is System Simulation?
147 What is Review?
148 What is Risk Assessment?
149 Explain Static analysis?
150 Explain Testability?
151 What is Test case generator?
152 What is Scenario-based Testing?
153 What is Test design?
154 Explain Test driver?
155 What is Test item?
156 What is Test phase?
157 Explain Test Procedure?
158 What is Test Development?
159 Explain Test Harness?
160 What is Benchmark?
161 What is Test result analyzer?
162 Test engineer?
163 What is Test/QA Team Lead?
164 What is A System Administrator?
165 What is A Technical Analyst?
166 Explain the Requirements?
167 What is Software configuration management?
168 What is Up time?
169 What is Upward compression?
170 What is A user manual?
171 What is A user friendly document?
172 Explain Interface?
173 What is A user interface?
174 What is Utilization?
175 Explain A variable?
176 What is A software version?
177 What is VDD - version description document?
178 What is A vertical microinstruction?
179 Explain virtual memory?
180 What is Waterfall model?
181 Explain Exit criteria?
182 What is Data validity?
183 What is Parameter?
184 What is Walk-through?
185 What is Intrusive Testing?
186 What is Random Testing?
187 What is Control Structure Testing?
188 What is Non-intrusive Testing?
189 Explain Metric?
190 What is Path Analysis?
191 What is Peer Reviews?
192 What is Problem?
193 What is Procedure?
194 Explain Process?
195 What is Syntax?
196 What is IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers?
197 What is SEI - Software Engineering Institute?
198 Explain Walk-through?
199 What is Validation and verification testing?
200 What is software verification?
201 What is software life cycle?
202 Explain Audit?
203 Explain Boundary value analysis?
204 Explain Equivalence Partitioning?
205 Explain bug life cycle?
206 What is Bottom-Up Strategy?
207 Explain Inspection?
208 What is Crash?
209 What is Error guessing?
210 What is Eexception?
211 What is Software failure?
212 What is System?
213 What is Software fault?
214 What is Software Risk?
215 What is Software Review?
216 What is System Test?
217 Explain Test case?
218 What is Test scenario?
219 Explain Good design?
220 What is Test documentation?
221 What is Test incident report?
222 What is Test log?
223 Explain Test plan?
224 What is Technical Review?
225 What is Test Executive?
226 What is Test Objective?
227 Test report?
228 What is Process and procedures?
229 What is QA engineer?
230 What is a Test Build Manager?
231 What is A Database Administrator?
232 What is A Test Configuration Manager?
233 Explain Configuration management?
234 What is CMM and CMMI?
235 What is Upwardly compatible software?
236 What is User documentation?
237 What is A user friendly software?
238 What is a user guide?
239 What is Interface Analysis?
240 What is a utility?
241 What is Variable trace?
242 What is A variant?
243 What is A document version?
244 What is version description document (VDD)?
245 What is virtual address?
246 What is waiver?
247 What is PDR - Peer Design Review?
248 What is Data integrity?
249 What is TestDirector?
250 What is Constant?
251 Explain a good test engineer?

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