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Novell CNA Certification Interview Questions And Answers

Education and Science :: Novell CNA Certification Exam Job Interview Questions and Answers

Novell CNA Certification Exam Frequently Asked Questions in various Novell CNA Certification Exam Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Novell CNA Certification Exam with the help of this Novell CNA Certification Exam Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Novell CNA Certification Exam Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

1 Explain Which ZENworks for Desktop 3 policy is a General category policy that can be applied to any Windows95, 98, NT, or 2000 workstation that a user logs into?A. Help DeskB. User ExtensibleC. NT User SystemD. Dynamic Local UserE. Windows Terminal Server?
3 Tell me Which eDirectory property right is only available on container objects?A. ReadB. WriteC. CompareD. InheritableE. SupervisorF. Add/Remove self
4 Suppose You have an alias object in your eDirectory tree with the name of Alias referring to a printer object withthe name of Certking 1.What is a valid attribute type and value of the alias object?A. A= Certking 1B. P= Certking 1C. CN= Certking 1D. A=AliasE. P=AliasF. CN=Alias
5 Tell me Which objects with eDirectory are leaf objects? (Choose two)A. TreeB. GroupC. SecurityD. NDPS BrokerE. License container
6 Tell me To set up iPrint, which objects must exist in your eDirectory tree? (Choose three)A. Print queueB. Print serverC. NDPS printerD. NDPS brokerE. NDPS gatewayF. NDPS manager
7 Explain The object class definitions within the schema define what?A. Object placement within the tree.B. The syntax structure of an attributeC. The synchronization rules between replicas.D. The types of objects that can exist in the tree.E. The types of replicas that can exist in the tree.
8 Explain Which firewall technology allows 2 or more hosts to exchange data over a public network using a securechannel?A. NATB. VPNC. Packet filteringD. IPX/IP gatewayE. Internet object caching
9 Suppose You have deleted a file in the USERSCOMMON directory and have not changed any Netware defaults.From which directory can you salvage this file?A. DELETED.SAVB. USERSCOMMONC. SYSTEMDELETEDD. From the root of the volume.E. It cannot be salvaged because it was immediately purged.
10 Explain When assigning file system rights, which order is recommended?A. Public, users, security equivalence, containers, groupsB. Public, containers, groups, users, security equivalenceC. Containers, groups, users, Public, security equivalenceD. Containers, groups, users, security equivalence, PublicE. Users, security equivalence, groups, containers, Public
11 Tell me Which is a feature of the GroupWise 6 server?A. Client caching modeB. AutoComplete addressingC. Multiple account signaturesD. Public Key Infrastructure support
12 Tell me Which objects can you assign as object trustees that grant access to multiple users at once? (Choose three)A. TreeB. GroupC. ServerD. VolumeE. Security ContainerF. Organizational role
13 Explain Which objects are container objects? (Choose three)A. GroupB. ServerC. VolumeD. DomainE. CountryF. Organization
14 Explain Which NetWare directory is available to users before logging into a NetWare server?A. ETCB. LOGINC. PUBLICD. READMEE. NETBASIC
15 Explain Which Internet delivery components purpose is to create a system that prevents unauthorized users fromaccessing proprietary information?A. RouterB. FirewallC. Proxy serverD. Cache server
16 Explain Which is a workstation requirement for iFolder?A. Internet Explorer 5 or 5.5.B. At least 4 MB of free space.C. At least 256 MB of memoery.D. Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Me, or UNIX.
17 Explain Which security feature of NetWare is a primary defense against passwordhackers?A. DSTRACEB. Intruder lookoutC. SECURE CONSOLED. Console screensaver
18 Explain Which allows users to send and receive email with international charactersets?A. MTAB. POAC. MIMED. POP3E. IMAP4
19 Tell me What can you assign to a GroupWise user object to identify this user witha role, such as Travel?A. RuleB. ResourceC. NicknameD. External entity
20 Explain Which can you configure by selecting the Custom option when installing the Novell client? (Choose two)A. DHCPB. The default users login name.C. The IP address that the client will use.D. The network protocol for the client to use.E. The type of connection the client should establish: NDS or bindery.
21 Tell me Which statement is true of a user objects being moved?A. All trustees assignments will have to be re-created.B. If the user is a member of a group, that membership will be retained.C. The context on the client workstation will automatically be changed to reflect the move.D. If the user is an occupant of an organizational role, that occupancy will be lost.E. If a user is security equivalent to another object, the security equivalence will need to be re-established.
22 Tell me Which NetWare directory contains NetWare installation files?A. NIB. ETCC. NSND. LOGINE. SYSTEM
23 What is a function of the MTA?A. To monitor disk space.B. To store email messages.C. To execute GroupWise client rules.D. To transfer email messages between post offices and other domains.
24 Suppose You are using the default configuration on your server. To access Web Manager from your workstation, youopen a browser, enter the servers IP address, and then enter which port number?A. 443B. 636C. 2200D. 8008E. 8009
25 Tell me When leaf objects can be configured to contain other leaf objects as members or occupants? (Choose two)A. AliasB. GroupC. Organizational UnitD. Security ContainerE. Organizational role
26 Explain When setting up NDPS, which objects must be created?A. Manager onlyB. Manager and printer onlyC. Broker and manager onlyD. Broker, manager, and printer onlyE. Broker, manager, gateway, and printer

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