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Ophthalmology Interview Questions And Answers

Medical Science :: Ophthalmology Job Interview Questions and Answers

Ophthalmology Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that the Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine which deals with the diseases and surgery of the visual pathways, including the eye, brain, and areas surrounding the eye, such as the lacrimal system and eyelids. Learn the Ophthalmology basis and advance concepts or get preparation for job interview of Ophthalmology by our Ophthalmology Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

1 The following are true about cerebrospinal fluid:
2 True statement about the facial nerve includes:
3 The optic chiasm:
4 The cells of the retinal pigment epithelium:
5 With regard to the lacrimal drainage system:
6 The following are true about lacrimal gland:
7 The globe:
8 The vitreous:
9 The cornea:
10 The nasociliary nerve supplies:
11 The ciliary ganglion:
12 The inferior rectus muscle:
13 In the eyelids:
14 The parotid gland:
15 In the head and neck:
16 In the development of the eye:
17 The following structures are of ectodermal origin:
18 The hyaloid artery:
19 With respect to lens development:
20 The following structures arise from the first pharyngeal arch:
21 Glucagon:
22 Vergence movement:
23 During accommodation for near:
24 In binocular vision:
25 The following are true about entopic phenomenon:
26 The retinal-pigment epithelium cells are
27 The intraocular pressure can fluctuate:
28 The tear film:
29 The human lens:
30 True statement about dark adaptation includes:
31 During phototransduction:
32 With regard to the blood retina barrier:
33 True statements about the aqueous humour:
34 True statements about ERG include:
35 True statements about EOG include:
36 Stretch reflex:
37 Glycocylated haemoglobin:
38 With regard to the autonomic nervous system:
39 The following are true about blood coagulation:
40 In the inner ear
41 Regarding interferon:
42 Gram-negative rods that are known to cause ocular diseases include:
43 The following are true:
44 Endotoxins:
45 The following virus is associated with human cancer:
46 Following an acute inflammation, the following may occur:
47 Acetazolamide causes the following:
48 The effects of topically applied anticholinesterase on the eye include:
49 Impaired accommodation occurs with
50 True statements about chloroquine include:
51 At the adrenergic synapse, the concentration of adrenaline in synaptic cleft:
52 True statements about the nucleic acid include:
53 In allergic reaction:
54 With regard to immunoglobulin A:
55 The following are true about the viruses:
56 Recognized virulence factors in bacteria include:
57 The following enzymes on the left are responsible for the synthesis of the neurotransmitters on the right:
58 The following are true about the DNA in mitochondria:
59 True statements about chromosome include:
60 The following are true (Ophthalmology):

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