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Java JSP Programming Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: JSP Job Interview Questions and Answers

Java JSP Programming basic and advance interview questions and answers.

1 What is JSP technology?
2 What is JSP page?
3 What are the implicit objects in JSP?
4 How many JSP scripting elements and what are they?
5 Why are JSP pages the preferred API for creating a web-based client program?
6 Is JSP technology extensible?
7 What is the ResourceBundle class in JSP?
8 What is the difference between a Scrollbar and a ScrollPane in JSP?
9 What is a Java package and how is it used?
10 What are the Object and Class classes used for?
11 What is a JSP and what is it used for?
12 What is difference between custom JSP tags and beans?
13 What are the two kinds of comments in JSP and what's the difference between them?
14 Can we use the constructor, instead of init(), to initialize servlet?
15 How can a servlet refresh automatically if some new data has entered the database?
16 The code in a finally clause will never fail to execute, right?
17 How many messaging models do JMS provide for and what are they?
18 How to Retrieve Warnings?
19 How many JSP scripting elements are there and what are they?
20 In the Servlet 2.4 specification SingleThreadModel has been deprecated, why?
21 What are stored procedures? How is it useful?
22 How do I include static files within a JSP page?
23 Why does JComponent have add() and remove() methods but Component does not?
24 How can I enable session tracking for JSP pages if the browser has disabled cookies?
25 How do I prevent the output of my JSP or Servlet pages from being cached by the browser?
26 How do you restrict page errors display in the JSP page?

2012-03-28 05:30:59

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Re: Java JSP Programming Interview Questions And Answers

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