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JMS Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: Java Message Service (JMS) Job Interview Questions and Answers

JMS Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Java Message Service (JMS) API is a Java Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) API for sending messages between two or more clients. JMS is a part of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, and is defined by a specification developed under the Java Community Process as JSR 914. So learn more about JMS by the help of this JMS Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 What is JMS (Java Messaging Service)?
2 How the JMS is different from RPC?
3 What are the basic advantages of JMS?
4 What are the different types of messages available in the JMS API?
5 What are the different messaging paradigms JMS supports?
6 What is the difference between topic and queue?
7 What is the use of Message object?
8 What is the basic difference between Publish Subscribe model and P2P model?
9 What is the use of TextMessage?
10 What is the use of MapMessage?
11 What is JMS provider?
12 Wat is JMS client?
13 What is JMS producer?
14 What is JMS consumer?
15 What is JMS message?
16 What is JMS queue?
17 What is JMS topic?

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