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Advanced Java Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: Advanced Java Job Interview Questions and Answers

Advanced Java frequently Asked Questions in various Advanced Java job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Advanced Java job interview

1 What we can not do in jdbc but can do hibernate?
2 Java is fully object oriented languages or not? Why?
3 If i learn Java, what kind of applications can i create that will help Banking, Retail, Hotel, Logistics industry?
4 What is difference between object state and behavior?
5 Can we have more than one action servlet?
6 Why use a datasource when you can directly specify a connection details? (in a J2EE application)?
7 If I define a method in JSP scriplet <%..%>, where will it go after translation into a servlet?
8 How will the struts know which action class to call when you submit a form?
9 Will it be called overriding if I do not change the parameters or return type, instead throw a different exception in the method signature?
10 Does Java pass arguments by value or reference?
11 Different between Struts and Spring? or Why use Spring, if you are already using Struts?
12 Explain what is synchronization?
13 Write a program to show synchronization?
14 Explain what is orm?
15 Write a singleton program?
16 What is IOC concept & explain it?
17 Explain spring framework?
18 What are the oops concept?
19 What are the diff types of exception?
20 What is AOP(assepct oriented programing)?
21 What is jsp life cycle?
22 Explain servlet life cycle?
23 What is prototype?
24 In spring bean class uses singleton or prototype?

2012-03-28 05:25:56

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Re: Advanced Java Interview Questions And Answers

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