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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

Engineering :: Mechanical Engineering Job Interview Questions and Answers

Build your Mechanical Engineering knowledge by exploring Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers. And get preparation for Mechanical Engineering job by our Mechanical Engineering guide, tips, tutorial and interview questions and answers.

1 How many years did it take for you to complete school?
2 What was the hardest class in Engineering you had to take?
3 Did you have a favorite project that you had to do while in school?
4 Where do you work in Engineering company?
5 What are some of the projects you are currently working on in Engineering?
6 Is there a high demand for mechanical engineers right now?
7 How many mechanical engineers work with you at your place of employment?
8 What are your specific job requirements in mechanical engineers?
9 What is the average salary rate in mechanical engineering job?
10 Does the rate increase by experience or number of years worked?
11 Do you receive good benefits as an engineer job?
12 What was the hardest part of obtaining your engineering degree?
13 Do you work for many hours each day?
14 What school did you attend in engineering?
15 When did you decide to  become and mechanical engineer and why?
16 What is the most important thing you have achieved as an engineer?
17 What is the most important, or helpful,project that you have contributed to?
18 What is a feasibility study?
19 Is it possible for something to explode in space like in the movies?
20 What are the minerals needed to make or build a car?
21 How do you determine what suction pressure should be in R22 air conditioning compressors suction line?
22 How do motion detectors work?
23 If the black box flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why not the whole airplane made out of that stuff?
24 How do you repair a hydraulic jack?
25 Does the position of a chicken egg affect the amount of weight it can withstand?
26 Where do you put the oil in a compressor?
27 What is a pneumatic system?
28 What kinds of pipes are used for steam lines?
29 What is the difference between shear center flexural center of twist and elastic center?
30 What is ferrite?
31 What is the difference between projectile motion and a rocket motion?
32 Is shear thinning fluids and the linear viscoelastic fluids are the same?
33 What is the difference between the flight of a plane and a helicopter?
34 What is jet plane?
35 How does length and initial angle affect the period in a simple pendulum?
36 How does a Coal Power station produce electricity?
37 What is a cotter joint?
38 What are the thermal conductivity properties of brass?
39 What is the gas constant R for air?
40 What is the alloy of tin and lead?
41 What does F.O.F. stand for in piping design?
42 Why is the suction pipe of vapor compression and refrigeration system insulated?
43 What is the full form of WCB in ASTM?
44 What is the main purpose of an airspeed indicator in an aircraft?
45 What is a uniformly distributed load?
46 What are the differences between pneumatics and hydraulics?
47 What is enthalpy?
48 What is a positive displacement pump?
49 Why would you use hydraulics rather than pneumatics?
50 What is the formula for Heat loss in a pipe?
51 What was the spinning jenny?
52 Who invented the four-stroke engine?
53 What is meant by payload for aircraft?
54 Who invented springs?
55 How fast is a jet plane?
56 What are the uses of windmill?
57 What is isometric drawing?
58 How does iron ore turn into steel?
59 What is the world is hardest metal?
60 What is a machine shop?
61 What are the advantages of gear drive?
62 Why is thick steel wire stronger than thin steel wire?
63 What is the coefficient expansion of transformer oil?
64 What is a clock maker called?
65 What are the types of sensors and their explanation?
66 What is 1810 stainless steel?
67 How is natural gas better than LPG?
68 How can heat be applied to acrylic?
69 Did Elevation affect weight?
70 Which conducts heat faster steel copper or brass?
71 What is the Device that converts sound energy into mechanical energy?
72 What is a mechanism?
73 Accelerometers measure acceleration. How do you measure the moment of inertia?
74 Who built the first rocket that Robert Goddard invented?
75 What is a slined joint?
76 How pipe flanges are electrically insulated?
77 Why would some industries select pneumatics over hydraulic?
78 What is a Process Flow Diagram?
79 How do you convert 95 feet into square feet?
80 What is difference between mill and mill-drill?
81 Where pneumatic system is used?
82 What is brain of the computer?
83 What is a vee used for on the Vee Block?
84 How many litres did 1 cubic meter contains?
85 What is the weight of 1m3 of seawater?
86 In 1983 what changed about the length of the meter?
87 What are the advantages of powder metallurgy?
88 What are examples of a first class lever?
89 How does a boat measure speed?
90 What is a steam turbine diaphragm?
91 What is wrap-around?
92 What instrument in a car measures its speed?
93 Can an airplane fly without a tail?
94 Will going from a 3 tap to a 6 tap increase water pressure?
95 Why gas containers are mostly cylindrical in shape?
96 When was the first space rocket built?
97 How does a hammer mill work?
98 What are some mechanical laboratory apparatuses?
99 How does a modern submarine move?
100 Is a diesel engines maximum rpm limited by the diesel burn rate?
101 How do you calculate cooling energy?
102 How is martensite structure formed in steel?
103 What is the difference between Stress and Strain?
104 What is an ortographic drawing?
105 What is the Density of plastic?
106 What are different types of gate valves?
107 Do you need to be an apprentice for mechanical engineering?
108 What type of paper when made into a paper boat floats longest?
109 How can you convert air mass to air volume?
110 Is there a metal that does not contain iron?
111 What is representative elementary volume?
112 How do concrete pumps work?
113 Which is first stress or strain?
114 What are the advantages of diesel engines?
115 What is wet corrosion and galvanic corrosion?
116 Why are LNG pipes curved?
117 Where do railway steam engines carry there water?
118 How does an equal-arm balance work?
119 Why do you need a keyway in the construction of a wall?
120 What is the history on the invention of paper?
121 What kind of paper airplane flies the farthest?
122 What does a rolling offset look like?
123 What is the difference between upstream and downstream in a refinery?
124 What do you mean by the term thread size Please explain what does 0.125 Inch stand for in 0.125 Inch NPT thread?
125 What does angular momentum mean?
126 How many BTU per Hour equals 1 Ton of Air Conditioning?
127 How much water pressure will come from gravity feed tank, which is 10 metres high?
128 Can you use motor oil in a hydraulic system?
129 What is the difference between hydraulic oil and engine oil?
130 Which country has the worlds most powerful tank?
131 What causes white smoke in two stroke locomotive engines?
132 What is the role of nitrogen in welding?
133 Is Knowledge of properties of engineering materials is significant in pattern making why?
134 How does hydraulics work?
135 What color are thermal oil piping lines?
136 What are examples of mechanisms?
137 What is the strongest pistol in the world?
138 What is a turboprop engine?
139 What is railroad track ballast?
140 How is a submarine able to submerge and surface?
141 Who built the Trans Alaska pipelene?
142 Is pipe round because it provides the least area to volume ratio?
143 What does Green field project mean?
144 What are some examples of a periscope?
145 What is the difference between an electric motor and an electric generator?
146 How are the pneumatic system and the hydraulic system similar?
147 How can I see where pipes are behind the wall?
148 Why do the radiators in your house click when you start the heating system?
149 How does a super charger work in a car?
150 How much is 1 KN in Kg?
151 Is it the stress that, produces strain or strain produces stress?
152 What is the Law of Thermodynamics?
153 Will a steel cable become longer if it is heated while under load?
154 What is the Congressional Space Medal of Honor?
155 Why will an ice cube placed in a cup of hot rotating water spin automatically faster than the water itself?
156 How does hydraulic clutches work?
157 Why is over-pressurizing an Air Conditioning system bad?
158 What is the difference between blower and fan?
159 What is the date of first Titan launch from Cape Canaveral?
160 What is knurling?
161 What is the mechanical advantage of a double pulley?
162 What is extrued aluminum?

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Re: Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

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