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Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

Engineering :: Aeronautical Engineering Job Interview Questions and Answers

Aeronautical Engineering frequently Asked Questions in various Aeronautical Engineering job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Aeronautical Engineering job interview

1 Rotation of dc shunt motor is revers by using 2 methods,which method is best and why?
3 How the vfd is working?
4 Why airline prefer beautiful girls for hostesses?
5 Can a carbon dioxide   gas use as fuel source?
6 How the shockwave produced in aerofoil,and actually what happen that region?
7 1)what distance should be maintained between networking (data) cable & power cable if both cables are run in a seperate condute pipe parallaly?2)what happens if networking cable & power cable run parallel to each other, eventhough they run in a seperate condute pipes?
8 What is yawing motion?
9 Which is the high thrust producing jet engine?
10 What is the difference between stress and pressure?
11 What type of bearing used in bell helicopters?
12 How can we draw design the airfoils using NACA series?
13 Why refrigeration is done inside aircraft, and why aircraftbody is made of aluminums?
14 What is ram jet?
15 Does not simplification of complex honeycomb designed for thermal protection system of are usable launch vehicles jeopardize the accuracy of results?
16 Are thermal protection systems of space crafts commonly composed of one panel or a collection of smaller tiles?
17 What is a liquid metal?
18 What is the highest temperature the space shuttleundersurface experiences during its mission?
19 Explain how you overcame a major obstacle?
20 Explain What are the main areas in Aviation?
21 Tell me What is the requirement to become a Professional Engineer (PE) in the field of Aerospace?
22 Explain What made you choose aerospace engineer line as your career?
23 Explain the day to day responsibilities of Aerospace engineering?
24 Explain the differences between Aeronautical Engineering and astronautically engineering?
25 What do you understand by Aerodynamics/performance analysis?
26 Explain What will be the responsibility of the spacecraftoperations, dynamics and controls?
27 Tell me about stress analysis?
28 Explain What is the testing done in aerospace engineering?
29 Tell me How would you handle if your co-worker is not co-operating with you?
30 Explain What would you do if your Captain is not following the instructions properly?
31 Explain When can one deviate from any flight rules and regulations?
32 When pilot is assigned a speed, how much can one deviate from that speed?
33 Without Air Traffic Control, what is the minimum descent rate can descend the plane?
34 Can you miss the clearance limit and loose commands from the Air Craft Officer?

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Re: Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

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