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Moodle Interview Questions And Answers

Content Management System (CMS) :: Moodle Job Interview Questions and Answers

Moodle Interview Questions and Answers will teach us now that Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is a free and open-source e-learning software platform, also known as a Course Management System, Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment. So start preparation of Moodle jobs with this Moodle Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 Can we change the look and feel of our Moodle course?
2 How do I enable students to unenrol themselves from courses?
3 Can I change the look and feel of my Moodle site?
4 How can I prevent administrators being listed as course participants?
5 Can I change the title of a teacher/tutor in Moodle?
6 Why are participants being added automatically when a new course is created?
7 Can I edit things in Moodle easily?
8 What is the definition of Role ,Capability ,Permission ,Context ?
9 Can I have more than 10 choices in the Choice Activity?
10 How many depths of categories/subcategories can I create?
11 Can I hide sections of a course from students and reveal them one at a time?
12 How can I grade some of my activities without the results affecting my students course total?
13 Can I look at the content of a course in Moodle without enrolling in the course?
14 How do I enable/disable debugging?
15 How do the limits on uploaded files work?
16 How do I get/set configuration settings?
17 Can I move things in Moodle easily?
18 Can I put audio files into Moodle?
19 Can I put my Power Point files into Moodle?
20 Can I put plain text or formatted text into my Moodle course without having to use a resource?
21 Can I put video into Moodle?
22 Can I share my Quizzes with other courses?
23 Can I upload multiple files to Moodle at the same time?
24 Can students download and print Power Points, Word Documents, etc in Moodle?
25 Can Students upload documents in Moodle?
26 Can you be anonymous in Moodle?
27 Can you have a live conversation in Moodle?

2012-03-28 05:21:27

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