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ColdFusion Interview Questions And Answers

Data Warehouse :: ColdFusion Job Interview Questions and Answers

ColdFusion Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that ColdFusion is a commercial rapid application development platform. Originally designed to make it easier to connect simple HTML pages to a database, by 2.0 had become a full platform that included an IDE in addition to a full Scripting Language. Current versions of ColdFusion, sold by Adobe Systems. ColdFusion primarily competes with PHP and ASP. Learn ColdFusion by this ColdFusion Interview Questions with Answers Guide

1 Difference between Cold fusion MX 6 and Cold fusion MX 7?
2 What is Application.cfm?
3 Can we have multiple Application.cfm file in an Application?
4 What is the difference between absolute and relative div positioning?
5 How would you declare an inline css to format the table with a background color of yellow and give the table cell a right margin of 10 pixels?
6 How would you format some text using css to be verdana and bold?
7 What is the working process for Application.cfm?
8 What is cfapplication tag?
9 How can you set the Client Management?
10 How can you set the Session Management?
11 What are Session Timeout and Application Timeout? Where we have to do this process?
12 How can you clear the cache?
13 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using stored procedures versus calling SQL inline in Cold Fusion?
14 How would you write a simple stored procedure in TSQL which takes a movie_id and returns all the directors associated with it?
15 If there are no indices defined on any of the columns in the above two tables, which columns would you index to speed up the LEFT JOIN query?
16 How would you write a LEFT JOIN statement to return a result set of movie.titles and director.names?
17 How do you call a module named testmod.cfm with the parameters param1=yes and param2=5?
18 Explain the structure of Cold fusion?
19 What is Web Server?
20 What is Application Server?
21 How can you communicate with web server (Apache or IIS) from Coldfusion?
22 What are the advantages of Cold fusion?
23 Compare Cold fusion with other programming languages?
24 Difference between Cold fusion 5 and Cold fusion MX 6?

2012-03-28 05:20:52

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