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Ab Initio Interview Questions And Answers

Data Warehouse :: Ab Initio Data Warehousing Job Interview Questions and Answers

Ab Initio Data Warehousing Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that the Ab Initio software is a suite of products which together provide a platform for data processing applications. The Core Ab Initio products are:
Co>Operating System
The Component Library
Graphical Development Environment
Enterprise Meta>Environment
Data Profiler
So get preparation for the job of Ab Initio by the help of this Ab Initio Data Warehousing Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 What does dependency analysis mean in Ab Initio?
2 When using multiple DML statements to perform a single unit of work, is it preferable to use implicit or explicit transactions, and why?
3 Describe the Grant/Revoke DDL facility and how it is implemented?
4 What is the difference between rollup and scan?
5 Describe the elements you would review to ensure multiple scheduled batch jobs do not collide with each other?
6 How can i run the 2 GUI merge files?
7 Describe how you would ensure that database object definitions (Tables, Indices, Constraints, Triggers, Users, Logins, Connection Options, and Server Options etc) are consistent and repeatable between multiple database instances (i.e.: a test and production copy of a database)?
8 How would you find out whether a SQL query is using the indices you expect?
9 How to create repository in abinitio for stand alone system(LOCAL NT)?
10 When running a stored procedure definition script how would you guarantee the definition could be rolled back in the event of problems?
11 Explain the difference between the truncate and delete commands?
12 Describe the process steps you would perform when defragmenting a data table. This table contains mission critical data?
13 How can you force the optimizer to use a particular index?
14 What is a cursor? Within a cursor, how would you update fields on the row just fetched?
15 Why might you create a stored procedure with the with recompile option?
16 What is the purpose of having stored procedures in a database?
17 What are Cartesian joins?
18 What is an outer join?
19 What are primary keys and foreign keys?
20 Have you used rollup component? Describe how?
21 How do you convert 4-way MFS to 8-way mfs?
22 What is AB_LOCAL expression where do you use it in ab-initio?
23 What is the latest version that is available in Ab-initio?
24 What is $mpjret? Where it is used in ab-initio?
25 I am unable to connect sever database(oracle) from GDE(db config file) local system.i set all these?
26 What is the Difference between DML Expression and XFR Expression?
27 How Does MAXCORE works?
28 What is the syntax of m_dump command?
29 Can anyone give me an exaple of realtime start script in the graph?
30 What are differences between different GDE versions(1.10,1.11,1.12,1.13and 1.15)?What are differences between different versions of Co-op?
31 How to run the graph without GDE?
32 What is local and formal parameter?
34 What is the importance of EME in abinitio?
35 What is m_dump?
36 What is the difference between a Scan component and a RollUp component?
37 What is skew and skew measurement?
38 How to get DML using Utilities in UNIX?

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Re: Ab Initio Interview Questions And Answers

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