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Aptitude Knowledge Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Common :: Aptitude Knowledge Job Interview Questions and Answers

1 What statement do you consider to be most important and why?
2 You have run all your tests and they all pass. Is this good news or bad news?
3 What would you do if you were asked to test a system which is unfamiliar to you has out-of-date or inadequate documentation?
4 In running a test you find the actual result does not match the expected result? What would you do?
5 Do you consider positive or negative testing to be most important or trying to break the system - and why?
6 How would you define a good test?
7 In testing the above application you identify what you believe to be a fault?
8 You have raised a fault, but Development are unable to reproduce it. What should your next step be?
9 You have two sets of tests to run on the new version of the software?
10 Describe the stages of testing and what the objectives are at each stage?
11 Explain what you understand by the terms: Regression Testing and Re-Testing?
12 You have planned to run 600 tests on your own .... What would you do?
13 Do you consider testing tools to be valuable during the testing process  why/why not?
14 List 3 test tool categories and describe what each can do?
15 Name 2 standards that refer to testing?
16 How would you test these requirements?
17 Why do you consider testing to be necessary?
18 Write a set of test cases to adequately test this telephone system?
19 Describe what you understand about the term Static Testing and list 3 static testing techniques?
20 How would you prioritise your tests (list 5)?
21 Choose which program you would re-test and state you reasons?
22 An ATM has been specified to work in the following way?
23 The following is an extract from a fault log, write down any potential problems or omissions with this?

2012-03-26 09:56:49

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Re: Aptitude Knowledge Interview Questions And Answers

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