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Projects Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Common :: Projects Job Interview Questions and Answers

Projects related frequently Asked Questions in various Projects based job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Projects related job interview

1 Share a Java project advice for beginner?
2 I would like to do a mini project. But I am unable to select a field first of all. So please suggest me an easier field and a topic under which mini projects can be done and the corresponding references for that mini projects?
3 I am doing voice based stenography project. I want to know any stenography algorithm for audio file?
4 Please suggest me some good concepts that can be taken as a project of around a week or so in java/j2ee/VC++. I consider myself very good in theory/concepts but i would love to have some practical experience also. So if anyone can help me out or rather suggest me some good project idea to implement, i will be thankful to him/her?
5 I have done Bsc in (Physics,Mathematics, Electronics) Pursuing software testing course at STC. Presently working in call center. Will I get job. And what will be the starting pay. in which automated tools shall i do my project(thinking about load runner)?
6 I have to make project in our last semester and i am confused about it please guide me and the site that I should look into for information?
7 I want to do a project in  C . I want a good new project for my campus selection?
8 I have completed software testing course can some one suggest me about the projects and details?
9 I am studying B.SC maths , third year. My aim is to enter into the software field. so, I want to do one project. Please suggest me how can i get the project and what is the best topic?
10 I am an MCA final year student. & in my next semester (3-2) i have to develop a project. I have decided to do project on INTRANET system on my collage. so please suggest me to choose a particular field . i have lots of options like (c,c++ using windows or Unix), D2k as front end & oracle database as back end, using java. But i want my project that must be helpful when i go for a job. And my main concentration & field of interest is Database?
11 Please help me and share information on Mobile testing? I do not have experience working on mobile projects and my company is getting a new mobile project and I am the only tester for that project. Your inputs /information would help me?
12 What are core features of MPMM?
13 What MPMM contain?
14 Which terminology used in MPMM?
15 How MPMM help me in my role?
16 How you tell the team about his past work performance in MPMM?
17 Define MPMM?
18 What types of projects are suitable?
19 What you have done in your last project?
20 What was the most stressful aspect of your last project and how did you deal with it?
21 What motivates you better on projects?
22 How you add value to your project?
23 How to handle stress as a Project Manager?

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