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Puzzles Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Common :: Puzzles Job Interview Questions and Answers

Puzzles guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of Puzzles frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of Puzzles interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Puzzles Interview Question or answer. Ask Puzzles Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

1 Substitute digits for the letters to make the following relation true.    S T I L L  + W I T H I N  --------------------  L I M I T S    Note that the leftmost letter cant be zero in any word. Also, there must be a one-to-one mapping between digits and letters. e.g. if you substitute 3 for the letter S, no other letter can be 3 and all other S in the puzzle must be 3?
2 A cricket team of 11 players lined up in a straight line to have their photograph. The captain was asked to stand in the center of the line-up.    1) Bharat and Bhavin stood to the right of the captain  2) Two players stood between Bhagat and Bhairav  3) Seven players stood between Bhadrik and Bhanu  4) Bhavesh stood to the right of Bhuvan  5) Bhola and Bhumit stood either side of Bhagat  6) Bhavik and Bhumit stood to the left of the captain  7) Six players stood between Bhavin and Bhagat  8 ) Two players stood between Bhagat and Bhavik    Who is the captain? Can you tell the positions of all the palyers?
3 Consider an n by n grid of squares. A square is said to be a neighbour of another one if it lies directly above/below or to its right/left. Thus, each square has at most four neighbours. Initially, some squares are marked. At successive clock ticks, an unmarked square marks itself if  at least two of its neighbours are marked. What is the minimum number of squares we need to mark initially so that all squares eventually get marked?
4 If you look at a clock and the time is 3:15.    What is the angle between the hour and the minute hands? ( The answer to this is not zero!)?
5 A rich man died. In his will, he has divided his gold coins among his 5 sons, 5 daughters and a manager.    According to his will: First give one coin to manager. 1/5th of the remaining to the elder son. Now give one coin to the manager and 1/5th of the remaining to second son and so on..... After giving coins to 5th son, divided the remaining coins among five daughters equally.    All should get full coins. Find the minimum number of coins he has?
6 500 men are arranged in an array of 10 rows and 50 columns according to their heights.    Tallest among each row of all are asked to come out. And the shortest among them is A.  Similarly after resuming them to their original positions, the shortest among each column are asked to come out. And the tallest among them is B.    Now who is taller A or B ?
7 A series comprising of alphabets contains 13 letters. The first seven letters in the given series are A, E, F, H, I, L, M    Can you find the next two letters?
8 A goods can load wt only 100tones not more than that if inch more wt is added it will fall, So when the train was passing on the bridge a paper falls on it, Now will the train fall r not? if it doesnt fall why?
9 In the middle of the confounded desert, there is the lost city of "Ash". To reach it, I will have to travel overland by foot from the coast. On a trek like this, each person can only carry enough rations for five days and the farthest we can travel in one day is 30 miles. Also, the city is 120 miles from the starting point.  What I am trying to figure out is the fewest number of persons, including myself, that I will need in our Group so that I can reach the city, stay overnight, and then return to the coast without running out of supplies.    How many persons (including myself) will I need to accomplish this mission?
10 Which number in the series does not fit in the given series:    1 4 3 16 6 36 7 64 9 100?
11 There are 10 statements written on a piece of paper:    1. At least one of statements 9 and 10 is true.  2. This either is the first true or the first false statement.  3. There are three consecutive statements, which are false.  4. The difference between the numbers of the last true and the first true statement divides the number, that is to be found.  5. The sum of the numbers of the true statements is the number, that is to be found.  6. This is not the last true statement.  7. The number of each true statement divides the number, that is to be found.  8. The number that is to be found is the percentage of true statements.  9. The number of divisors of the number, that is to be found, (apart from 1 and itself) is greater than the sum of the numbers of the true statements.  10. There are no three consecutive true statements.    Find the minimal possible number?
12 Substitute digits for the letters to make the following Division true    O U T  -------------  S T E M | D E M I S E    | D M O C  -------------  T U I S    S T E M  ----------  Z Z Z E    Z U M M  --------  I S T    Note that the leftmost letter cant be zero in any word. Also, there must be a one-to-one mapping between digits and letters. e.g. if you substitute 3 for the letter M, no other letter can be 3 and all other M in the puzzle must be 3?
13 What are the next three numbers in the given series?    1 1 2 1 2 2 3 1 2 2 3 2 3 3 4 1 2 2 3 2 3 3 4 2 3 3 ?
14 There where six apples in a basket and six girls in the room. Each girl took one apple, yet one apple remained in the basket how?
15 The 22nd and 24th presidents of the united states had the same mother and the same father, but were not brothers. How could this be so?
16 Two men were playing tennis. They played five sets and each man won three sets. How did they do this?
17 A man walked all the way from Dublin to Cork along main roads without passing a single pub. How did he manage that? (Pubs or " public houses," that is, bars, are very common in Ireland. )
18 William's father was older than his grandfather. How did that happen?
19 6) A man who was not wearing a parachute jumped out of a plane. He landed on hard ground yet he was unhurt. Why?
20 A man got up at 9 a.m. He became so engrossed in his newspaper he did not have time to go out and shop as he had planned. At 11 a.m. he went for a flying lesson. He carefully followed all the instructions given to him by his instructor until he came in to land. He then ignored his instructor and crashed the plane killing them both. The accident would not have happened if he had gone shopping, which just goes to show how important shopping can be. Why should this be so?
21 Two brothers were talking. One said, " I am fed up with living in Birmingham because I have to drive all the time. Why don't we move to london?" His brother replied, "But that would mean that I would have to drive all the time. " Why was this true?
22 A deaf man needed to buy a saw to cut some wood. He went into a hardware store. How did he indicate to the storekeeper that he wanted to buy a saw?
23 Two sentries were on duty outside a barracks. One faced up the road to watch for anyone approaching from the north. The other looked down the road to see if anyone approached from the south. Suddenly one of them said to the other, "Why are you smiling?" How did he know that his companion was smiling?
24 Ben was 20 years old in 1980 but only 15 years old in 1985. How come?
25 A young girl was listening to the radio. Suddenly it went off for a minute and thencame back on again. There was nothing wrong with the radio or with the program transmission from the radio mission from the radio station. She did not touch the radio controls. Why did it go off and on?
26 A man filled an empty barrel. It was then lighter than when he started. What did he fill it with?
27 At the end of the long hard boxing match one boxer was knocked out by the other. The judges agreed it was a completely proper victory. Yet during the course of the match no man threw a punch. What happened?
28 Greenland is a huge country covered with snow and ice. Why did the man who discovered it call it Greenland?
29 One day, in a crowded room, a supporter of the Brazilian soccer team saw a supporter of his team's great rivals, Argentina . The Brazilian fan walked over to the Argentinian fan and struck him a fierce blow. The Argentinian fan who had been knocked flat got up from the floor, turned around, and then thanked the man who had hit him. why?
30 As part of a school experiment girl was sent to the middle of a nearby city with instructions to collect a sample so that pollution levels could be measured. She was given a glass container with a removable but tight-fitting lid. Of course she noticed that the jar contained comparatively clean air from the school environment. How did she ensure that she excluded this air and retrieved an absolutely accurate sample of the city air?
31 Although there are very few golf tour professionals who are left-handed, most clubs prefer to have left-handed golf pros as instructors. Why?
32 At a children's hospital the patients loved to play with the cuddly teddy bears they had there. Unfortunately, the children liked them so much that the bears were disappearing at an alarming rate as the young patients took them home. How did the hospital solve this problem?
33 A man suspected his wife of having an affair. One day he told her that he had been suddenly called away on business and would be out of town for a few days. He then left the house but returned an hour later. His wife was not there but he quickly discovered the name and address of her lover. How?
34 A girl was eight years old on her first birthday. How could that be?
35 At a fancy, upper-class dinner party a precious gold coin was being passed around the table for inspection when suddenly the lights went out. When the lights came on again the coin was missing. A search of each guest was ordered. One man refused to be searched. The police were under a saucer. Why did the guest refuse to be searched?
36 Protagoras was a lawyer in ancient Greece. As an act of kindness he took on a poor but promising young man as a pupil. He agreed to teach him law but make no charge until the student had won his first case, when the student would repay the tuition fees. The young man gladly agreed to this plan. The student completed his training, and then decided that he did not want to practice law. Instead, he retired to the countryside to keep goats. Protagoras was disgusted at this waste of talent and training and dismayed that he would not be reimbursed for the tuition. He decided to sue his pupil in order to recover his fees. If the two men met in court to argue the case, who do you think would have won?
37 A visiting school superintendent noticed that whenever he asked one class a question all the children would put up their hands. Moreover, although the teacher always chose a different child to answer, the answer was always correct. Why?
38 Can you resolve this argument which arose at a recent bridge match? Spades were trumps. Which is more likely that a pair of players will have no spades dealt to them?
39 A man challenged the Masters Golf champion to a round of golf on the condition that he be allowed to chose the time and place of their contest. The champion accepted the challenge but was easily defeated by the challenger. Why?
40 A man challenged the Olympic 100-metres sprint champion to race over a short distance on the condition that he is allowed to choose the course. How does he manage to beat the champion? (N.B The solution to the preceding problem won't help you here.)
41 A man was doing his job but was killed because he lacked a certain piece of furniture. Why
42 A man lies dead in a room, with a cord tied tightly around his neck. The door has been locked from the inside. Outside of the body, there is nothing else in the room. Remembering that one cannot choke oneself (one would pass out before dying.) how did you die
43 St. James Hospital handled all the accident cases for the city. They were kept especially busy by the large number of drivers and passengers injured on the city's roads. To improve the road safety, a law was passed making the wearing of seat belts mandatory. Drivers and passengers now started to wear seat belts in their cars. The frequency road accidents remained exactly the same. However, the hospital was now even busier handling road-accident victims than before. Why?
44 A man was walking in country unfamiliar to him. He came to a crossroads where he found that the signpost showing the directions of the roads had fallen over. How did he find out which way to go?
45 A man stabbed his wife to death. He was alone with his victim before and after the crime. To throw the police off the scent he suddenly decided to leave false fingerprints one the murder weapon. How did he do it?
46 A French glove manufacturer received an order for 5,000 pairs of expensive sealskin gloves from New York department store. HE then learned that there was a very expensive tax on the import of sealskin gloves into the United States. How did he (legitimately) get the gloves into the country without paying the import tax?
47 A child was born with its legs so wasted that it would never be able to walk. When they learned this, the child's parents were especially happy that the child was crippled rather than normal and healthy. Why?
48 A man's lifelong ambition was to achieve a certain goal yet he insured himself against achieving it. What was the goal?
49 A man was found shot dead in his study. He was slumped over his desk and a gun was in his hand. There was a cassette recorder on his desk. When the police entered the room and pressed the play button on the tape recorder they heard, "I can't go on. I have nothing to live for." Then there was the sound of a gunshot. How did the detective immediately know that the man had been murdered?
50 We all know that there's a way to get a ship into a bottle. How would you get a full-sized pear into a bottle without damaging the peer or breaking or cutting the bottle?
51 We all know that there is a way to get a ship into a bottle. How would you get a full-sized pear into a bottle without damaging the peer or breaking or cutting the bottle?
52 Visitors to a scenic mountain village were often amused by the village idiot. When offered a choice between a shiny 50-cent piece and a crumpled $5 bill, he would always happily choose the half-dollar. The bill was worth ten times as much, so why did he never choose it?
53 A man went out for a drive. A day later he was found dead in the car. The car had not crashed. How had he died?
54 Ornithologists now agree that there is a very good reason why birds' eggs are generally narrower at one end than the other. What is the reason?
55 How do the publishers of dictionaries or atlases protect themselves from pirates who would copy their work?
56 A man parked his car outside a bank and rushed in. He held up twenty-five people and ran out with $200. A policeman who saw the whole incident stopped the man. He told him off and then let him go. Why?
57 A man had a book which was worth $40,000. Why did he deliberately destroy it?
58 The famous penny black, the world's first postage stamp, was introduced in England in 1840. The idea of postage stamps was a great success and was taken up worldwide. Yet the penny Black was in use for only one year before it was replaced by the Penny Red. Why?
59 A man lies dead in a field. Next to him is a long piece of cord. How did he die?
60 A manhole is a hole which allows someone to gain access to the sewers or other pipes which are below ground. Our local town council recently decided that all the town's manhole covers should be changed from square to round ones. We are user to the town council making silly decisions, but this time they were absolutely right. why?
61 A man was changing a wheel on his car when the four nuts used to hold the wheel in place well into a sewer drain and were lost. He was afraid he ws stuck there, but a passing boy made a very useful suggestion which enabled the man to drive off. What was the boy's idea?
62 A man threw something away. He then paid someone else twenty dollars to try to find it but the search was unsuccessful. Later the man found it easily himself. How?
63 A man woke up one morning to find that one of the wheels of his car had a completely flat tire. Despite this he set off in his car and drove 100 miles to visit a customer. He then drove 100 miles home. He did not repair or inflate the flat tire. How did he manage to make the journey?

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