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Nonprofit Accounting Interview Questions And Answers

Business Accounting Finance Marketing and HR :: Nonprofit Accounting Job Interview Questions and Answers

Nonprofit Accounting Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Nonprofit Accounting. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

1 How accounting contribute to the community?
2 What is VC money in financials?
3 Define offset accounting?
4 Explain the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?
5 What is responsibility accounting?
6 Explain the difference between public and private accounting?
7 What is the importance of computerized accounting to manual?
8 What is cash float in accounting?
9 What is social responsibility accounting?
10 What is Tell me consistency concept in accounting?
11 Described register when referring to accounting or bookkeeping?
12 Described the disadvantages of back-flush accounting?
13 Define the word credit mean in terms of accounting?
14 Are assets a permanent account?
15 What is accounting training outside of public practice?
16 When trial balance is taken?
17 What is book value?
18 Described the Accounting entries for branch accounts?
19 Which steps you would take before approving an invoice for payment?
20 Can you described the meaning of invoice?
21 Which procedure for excess payment to supplier I would like know without adjusting invoice that means how supplier will send back excess amount how do in oracle apps?
22 Can you please explain the difference between Consigner and Consignee?
23 What is FBT?
24 Suppose if assume we paid 50/- as an advance for worth or 100/- goods, but our supplier sent only up to 25/- worth of goods. Know my question is that we want to close the transaction now and how it possible? What about VAT like Tax Setups in AP and AR? What about the SWEEP command in AP?
25 Define marginal cost?
26 Define Provision?
27 List the advantages of Computer accounting over Paper accounting?
28 Prepared the finalization accounts?
29 Described Departmental Accounting?
30 What is Service Tax & Excise?
31 Explain Capital Budget?
32 Explain vendor?
33 Explain purchasing order?
34 Described debit and credit note?
35 Define SLA?
36 Explain dual aspect concept?
37 Can you please explain the difference between Accounts and Finance?
38 Explain depreciation?
39 Define cash flow and fund flow?
40 Explain capital gain?
41 Explain bills receivable?
42 Explain deferred account?
43 Explain MIS reports and do you prepare it?
44 Explain your role in planning?
45 How to do credit control?
46 Explain bank reconciliation statement?
47 Described extraordinary items?
48 Described fictitious assets?
49 Described the functions of manger -accounts and manager-finance? Explain in detail?
50 Define premises in accounting sense?
51 Can you define premises in accounting sense?
52 Explain shadow balance?
53 Explain meant by balancing?
54 Explain turnover?
55 Explain operative accounts?
56 Explain calendar maintenance?
57 What is retail banking?
58 Explain customer account?
59 Explain the difference between inactive accounts and dormant account?
60 What is daily accrual and booking?
61 List the steps involved in Project implementation?

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