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Cyclomatic Complexity:

Three statements about the cyclomatic complexity of the control flow graph as a program module are given below:
I) The cyclomatic complexity of a modules level to maximum number of linear independent circuits in a graph.
II) The cyclomatic complexity of a module is the addition of the number of number of decisions in the module and the one where a decision is effectively any conditional statements in the module.
III) The cyclomatic complexity can also be used as number of linearly independent paths that should be tested during path coverage testing.
The statements that hold true for the cyclomatic complexity is:

Option A):
I and II
Option B):
II and III
Option C):
I, II and III
Option D):
I and III

Correct Answer is Option B):
II and III

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2015-06-04 05:26:25

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Re: Cyclomatic Complexity:

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