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Rational Robot Interview Questions And Answers

Applications Programs :: Rational Robot Job Interview Questions and Answers

Rational Robot Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Rational Robot is a complete set of components for automating the testing of Microsoft Windows client/server and Internet applications. So learn Rational Robot or get preparation for the job of Rational Robot with the help of this Rational Robot Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 What Is Rational Robot?
2 How to create a verification point?
3 What is A verification point?
4 How to analyz results in the log and comparators?
5 What is datapool?
6 What is Rational Administrator?
7 What is TestFactory?
8 TestManagers wizard?
9 How to delete a verification point and its associated files?
10 How to rename a verification point and its associated files?
11 What is an identification method?
12 What is verification method?
13 What are two verification points for use with Web sites?
14 How to add a wait state when creating a verification point?
15 Verification point type?
16 What is Rational SiteCheck?
17 How to create a datapool?
18 What two kind of GUI scripts using Rational Robot?
19 Which products does Rational Robot Installs with?
20 How to set the expected result when creating a verification point?
21 How to select the object to test?
22 Eight verification methods?
23 Is there four identification methods?
24 How to copy a verification point?
25 What is TestManager?
26 What is Test Requirements?
27 How TestManager manage test logs?
28 What is ClearQuest?
29 How to modify or delete a custom class name?
30 How to create a new object order preference?
31 How to change the object order preference?
32 Setting GUI Recording Options?
33 Rational diagnostic tools?
34 TestManager can be used for Performance Testing?
35 What is RequisitePro?
36 How to set GUI recording option?
37 How to Control Robot Responds to Unknown Objects?
38 How to defining an Object Class Mapping?
39 Modifying or Deleting a Custom Class Name?
40 Restoring the Robot Main Window During Recording?
41 Naming Scripts Automatically?
42 How to change the order of the object recognition methods for an object type?
43 How to define an object class and map an object type to it?
44 Pausing and Resuming the Recording of a Script?
45 How to end the recording of a script?
46 How to define script properties?
47 How to code a script manually?
48 How to add a new action to an existing script?
49 How to add a feature to an existing GUI script?
50 How to set and clear breakpoints?
51 How to insert a timer while recording or editing a script?
52 How to insert a log message into a script during recording or editing?
53 How to Choose Network Recording?
54 How to set up and use proxy recording?
55 How to create a proxy computer?
56 How to add a client or server computer?
57 How to Recording a Single Script in a Session?
58 How to stop recording and generate scripts in a Session?
59 How to see error message If problems occur during script generation?
60 How to cancelling a Script in a Single-Script Session?
61 When would you want to split a session?
62 How to split a session into multiple scripts?
63 How to regenerate Scripts from a Session?
64 How Timers Work?
65 What is a block?
66 What is a blocks characteristics?
67 Why Use Blocks?
68 How to insert a block into a script?
69 What is A synchronization point?
70 Why Use Synchronization Points?
71 How to set GUI playback options?
72 How to setting Log Options for Playback?
73 How to set the wait state options?
74 How to set Error Recovery Options?
75 What is an unexpected active window?
76 Why setting the Diagnostic Tools Options?
77 What is the Trap?
78 How to play back a GUI script?
79 What is a Datapool?
80 What Kinds of Problems Does a Datapool Solve?
81 How to creating a Datapool with Robot?
82 How to view or edit a datapools values while in Robot?
83 How to Define and populate the datapool?
84 How to test an HTML elements data?
85 How to Test for Text within a Table?
86 How to Test the Destination of a Link?
87 How to test an HTML elements properties?
88 How to verify that the Java extension is loaded?
89 How to test a Java components data?
90 How to create or edit a custom data test?
91 What is Rational Suite?
92 What Is the Rational Unified Process (RUP)?
93 How to define a test case?

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