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Coherent Paragraph:

Rearrange the sentences to form a coherent paragraph:

A. Just as we cannot imagine a world sans the World Wide Web now, the cloud could rapidly change the way we view and use information technology.
B. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and, of course, Xbox Live  a Microsoft online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service  have been in the cloud for a while now.
C. Everybody is talking about cloud computing. The term and the excitement both remind me of the last decade when the Internet was assuming the shape we see it in today.
D. Forrester Research defines the cloud as a standardized IT capability, such as software, app platform or infrastructure, delivered via Internet technologies in a pay-per-use and self-service way . The idea is not totally new. People have been using the cloud for years.

Option A):
Option B):
Option C):
Option D):

Correct Answer is Option D):

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2015-05-30 05:40:45

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Re: Coherent Paragraph:

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