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Coherent Paragraph:

Rearrange the sentences to form a coherent paragraph:

A. Indias savings rate would go up, as would the share of consumption in Chinas GDP. The study also assumes a sustained rise in Indias infrastructure spending, steady improvement in educational levels and sustained fiscal consolidation.
B. India will see a declining trend in the share of non-working dependents (children and the elderly) in the population, and contribute 136 million people to the workforce over the next 10 years, while China will add just 23 million workers.
C. While the forecast is entirely realistic, we would do well not to take such an India shining prognosis for granted. Two things are worth noting about the report, which steers clear of politics and abstracts away political risk altogether.
D. India will start growing faster than China in 2013, says a Morgan Stanley report. The primary reason it cites is the demographic dividend, supported by continuing economic reform and globalization

Option A):
Option B):
Option C):
Option D):

Correct Answer is Option B):

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2015-05-30 05:39:59

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Re: Coherent Paragraph:


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