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AJAX Interview Questions And Answers

World Wide Web :: Basic AJAX Job Interview Questions and Answers

Learn AJAX programming with thousands of AJAX examples here in AJAX Interview Questions and Answers.

1 What is AJAX?
2 Whats with the -alpha in the install instructions?
3 When do I use a synchronous versus a asynchronous request?
4 When should I use an Java applet instead of AJAX?
5 When will HTML_AJAX have a stable release?
6 Where can I find examples of AJAX?
7 Where should I start?
8 Whos Using Ajax?
9 Why does HTML_AJAX hang on some server installs?
10 Will HTML_AJAX integrate with other Javascript AJAX libraries such as scriptaculous? How would this integration look like?
11 Won't my server-side framework provide me with AJAX?
12 What Browsers does HTML_AJAX work with?
13 What browsers support AJAX?
14 What do I do on the server to interact with an AJAX client?
15 What do I need to know to create my own AJAX functionality?
16 What exactly is the W3C DOM?
17 What is the difference between proxied and proxyless calls in AJAX?
18 What is the minimum version of PHP that needs to be running in order to use HTML_AJAX?
19 What is the XMLHttpRequest object in AJAX?
20 What JavaScript libraries and frameworks are available for AJAX support?
21 What kinds of applications is Ajax best suited for?
22 What parts of the HTML_AJAX API are stable?
23 What about applets and plugins?
24 How Ajax is Different?
25 How do we abort the current XMLHttpRequest in AJAX?
26 How do I access data from other domains to create a mashup with Java?
27 How do we create a thread to do AJAX polling?
28 How do we debug JavaScript?
29 How do we get the XMLHttpRequest object in AJAX?
30 How do we handle concurrent AJAX requests?
31 Is Adaptive Path selling Ajax components or trademarking the name? Where can I download it?
32 Is Ajax a technology platform or is it an architectural style?
33 Is AJAX code cross browser compatible?
34 Is Ajax just another name for XMLHttpRequest?
35 How do I test my AJAX code?
36 How do I provide internationalized AJAX interactions?
37 How do I send an image using AJAX?
38 How do I submit a form or a part of a form without a page refresh?
39 How does HTML_AJAX compare with the XAJAX project at Sourceforge?
40 How do I handle the back and forward buttons in AJAX?
41 Is it possible to set session variables from JavaScript?
42 Is the server or the client in control in AJAX?
43 Is the XMLHttpRequest object part of a W3C standard?
44 Should I consider AJAX?
45 Should I use an HTTP GET or POST for my AJAX calls?
46 Should I use XML or text, JavaScript, or HTML as a return type?
47 Some of the Google examples you cite dont use XML at all. Do I have to use XML and/or XSLT in an Ajax application?
48 Techniques for asynchronous server communication have been around for years. What makes Ajax a new approach?
49 Does Ajax have significant accessibility or browser compatibility limitations?
50 Does AJAX work with Java?
51 Does Java have support for Comet style server-side push?
52 Does this mean Adaptive Path is anti-Flash?
53 Are there any frameworks available to help speedup development with AJAX?
54 Are there any security issues with AJAX?
55 Are there Usability Issues with AJAX?
56 Can I use Ajax with Microsoft's .NET?
57 Cannot parse XML generated by JSP I am generating an XML using JSP, when I run the JSP in IE it shows the XML as per DOM, but when I try to parse it using Javascript , the command xmldoc.documentElement?
58 Did Adaptive Path invent Ajax? Did Google? Did Adaptive Path help build Googles Ajax applications?
59 Are Ajax applications easier to develop than traditional web applications?
60 Do Ajax applications always deliver a better experience than traditional web applications?
61 Do I really need to learn JavaScript before AJAX?

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