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Painter Interview Questions And Answers

Other Professions :: Painter Job Interview Questions and Answers

Painting Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that the Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface. In art, the term describes both the act and the result, which is called a painting. Paintings may have for their support such surfaces as walls, paper, canvas, wood, glass, lacquer, clay or concrete. So learn Painting by this Painter Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 From how many years are you engaged in painting?
2 Have you ever been involved in sketching some criminal faces?
3 How many times you would like to see me before painting me on any paper?
4 Who is your role model as far as painting is concerned?
5 At what rate are your paintings sold?
6 Why do you want to work as a painter?
7 Why should we appoint you for this post?
8 What are the essential tools of a painter?
9 What is your work knowledge?
10 Mention some of the important skills that relate to this position?
11 How do I get started painting?
12 What is the first step after priming?
13 How do I wash?
14 How do I drybrush?
15 How do I highlight?
16 What should I use for bases?
17 What kind of miniatures should I start with?
18 How do I convert miniatures?
19 What kind of glue should I use?
20 How can I paint details?
21 How do I paint faces?
22 How do I paint insignia?
23 How do I keep paint from drying out?
24 How/where do I get miniatures?
25 How do you do snow bases?
26 What kinds of paints do you use?
27 What do you use for pinning joints?
28 What do you use to prime your figures? Do you prime black or prime white?
29 Will you do a painting guide CD Rom or booklet?
30 Which figure lines do you like painting the most?
31 How long have you been painting?
32 What brushes do you use?
33 What kind of camera do you use?
34 What kind of lights do you use?
35 Do you use an OTT-Lite?
36 What are some of the tools you find useful in your work area?
37 What do you use for bases?
38 What are some colors you ca not live without, or use very frequently?
39 Who are your favorite painters?
40 What music do you listen to while painting?
41 How do you paint red?
42 How do you thin your paints?
43 How do you paint rusty metallics?
44 How do you paint rusty NMM?
45 Where did you learn all your tricks and techniques?
46 How do you do grass on a base?
47 What are your pet peeves?
48 What do you use to dry your brushes while painting?
49 What do you use to strip paint off minis?
50 What kind of glue do you use?
51 Is it enough for you?

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Re: Painter Interview Questions And Answers

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