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Government UPSC History Interview Questions And Answers

Other Professions :: Government UPSC History Job Interview Questions and Answers

Government UPSC History frequently Asked Questions in various Government UPSC History job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Government UPSC History job interview

1 When did Emperor Akbar remove Jaziya Tax for Hindus?
2 What was role of Lord Canning in the revolution of 1857?
3 Name the first coin of India?
4 First human statue worshiped in India?
5 Who is the chief of upsc?
6 At the time Kalinga war (321B.C.,) Name the king of Kalinga kingdom or Who is the opponent king of The great Asoka?
7 Who is malharrao holkar?
8 Who is ahilyabai holkar?
9 Who was the first person to hang till death during Freedomstuggle?1.Bhagat Singh2.Ram Pd. Bismil3.Khudi Ram Bose4.Asfak Ullah Khan.
10 Name the worlds highest railway?
11 Who wrote the nacked triangle?
12 Who wrote the book titled RUNS AND RUINS?
13 Where did the worlds biggest robbery in the history took place on feb 22 2006?
14 Who performed the worlds first conscious brain surgery in Australia?
15 When did union cabinet approve the Draft national environmental policy?
16 During 2006 2007 what is out lay under jawarlal nehru national urban renewal mission of goverment of india?
17 Where did twin explosion that took place in quick successionh on april 14 2006?
18 By how many votes did sonia gandhi win in race bareli where election took place in may 2006?
19 In seven explosions hit mumbais commuter rail network on july 11 2006 how many people died?
20 What are the similarities between Kautilyas Arthasashtra and Platos Republic?
21 To which the fourth book of Kautilyas Arthashastra deals with?
22 What is the eternal message of Asoka given on the Piller Edict-V for the protection of birds and animals?
23 Which building of Mauryan?s was appreciated by Megasthenes as more magnificent than the palaces of Susa and Ecbatana?
24 What is the most significant privileges of Brahmins?

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Re: Government UPSC History Interview Questions And Answers

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