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Government SSC Economy Interview Questions And Answers

Other Professions :: Government SSC Economy Job Interview Questions and Answers

Government SSC Economy frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Government SSC Economy. So get preparation for the Government SSC Economy job interview

1 What is the difference between repo rate and bank or discount rate?
2 Who propounded the possibility of placing communication satellites in geosynchronous orbit for the first time?
3 What is the major aim of devaluation?
4 In which state the Employment Guarantee Scheme was introduced?
5 To which secular stagnation refers?
6 What is consumers sovereignty means?
7 What are some of the things required for computing Gross National Product (GNP)?
8 Who are the main bearers of the burden of indirect tax?
9 Basing on which inflation is checked temporarily?
10 With which the basic regulatory authority for mutual funds and stock markets is lies?
11 Who is responsible to collect the service tax?
12 Which cricket player is the max tax payer in year 2009-10?
13 large source of indian revenue1)sales tax2)income tax3)railways
14 What is M1, M2,M3
15 Who is the first President of RBI?
16 What is amnesty?
17 What are the ifrs?
18 Who prepared the preface of the Ist five year plan in India?
19 Explain Purchasing power parity?
20 Why the global financial crisis did not affect strongly on the underdeveloped countries?
21 Why Governments have been unable to solve the problem of the current global crisis?
22 What is the difference between the real investment and financial investment?

2012-03-28 04:20:46

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Re: Government SSC Economy Interview Questions And Answers

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