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UNIX Operating System Interview Questions And Answers

Operating Systems Windows Linux Unix and Mac :: UNIX Operating System Job Interview Questions and Answers

UNIX operating system will cover all the areas of UNIX such as hardware and software settings in UNIX etc. to build your interview questioning skills. UNIX OS is an important Operating System for getting JOB in any computer based company so this category will help you and unlock your UNIX skills to get a better job.

1 How are devices represented in UNIX OS?
2 What is inode in UNIX OS?
3 Brief about the directory representation in UNIX OS?
4 What are the Unix system calls for I/O?
5 How do you change File Access Permissions in UNIX OS?
6 What are links and symbolic links in UNIX OS file system?
7 What is a FIFO in UNIX OS?
8 How do you create special files like named pipes and device files in UNIX OS?
9 Discuss the mount and unmount system calls in UNIX OS?
10 How does the inode map to data block of a file in UNIX OS?
11 What is a UNIX OS shell?
12 Brief about the initial process sequence while the UNIX system boots up.
13 What are various IDs associated with a process in UNIX OS?
14 Explain UNIX fork() system call.
15 Predict the output of the following program code in UNIX?
16 Predict the output of the following program code?
17 List the system calls used for process management in UNIX?
18 How can you get/set an environment variable from a program in UNIX?
19 How can a parent and child process communicate?
20 What is a zombie?
21 What are the process states in Unix?
22 What Happens when you execute a program?
23 What Happens when you execute a command in UNIX OS?

2012-03-27 06:49:35

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Re: UNIX Operating System Interview Questions And Answers

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