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Solaris Admin Interview Questions And Answers

Operating Systems Windows Linux Unix and Mac :: Solaris Admin Job Interview Questions and Answers

Solaris Admin Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Solaris is known for its scalability, especially on SPARC systems, and for originating many innovative features such as DTrace and ZFS. Solaris supports SPARC-based and x86-based workstations and servers from Sun and other vendors, with efforts underway to port to additional platforms. So learn Solaris Admin concepts by Solaris Admin Interview Questions and Answers guide

1 Explain about kadmin command?
2 Explain about the command prof_attr?
3 Explain the differences between setting files using octal codes and symbolic codes?
4 What is the best solution to avoid large number of groups?
5 What is umask?
6 How can you determine whether a file is setUID?
7 Explain about sticky bit permissions?
8 Explain about the command ls?
9 Explain about the limitations present in sudo?
10 What is sudo?
11 What are the different ways to execute profiles?
12 What are the three different system management roles?
13 What is Solaris Roles?
14 What is RBAC?
15 Describe about Logical Domains and its functions?
16 Explain the interoperability features of Solaris?
17 Explain about Solaris?
18 Display the all files recursively with path under current directory ?
19 Set the Display automatically for the current new user ?
20 Display the processes, which are running under your username ?
21 List some Hot Keys for bash shell ?
22 Display the files in the directory by file size ?
23 How to save man pages to a file ?
24 How to know the date and time for . when script is executed ?
25 How do you find out drive statistics?
26 Display disk usage in Kilobytes?
27 Display top ten largest files/directories?
28 How much space is used for users in kilobytes?
29 How to create null file?
30 Access common commands quicker?
31 Display the page size of memory?
32 Display Ethernet Address arp table?
33 Display the no.of active established connections to localhost?
34 Display the state of interfaces used for TCP/IP traffic?
35 Display the parent/child tree of a process?
36 Show the working directory of a process?
37 Display the processes current open files?
38 Display the inter-process communication facility status?
39 Display the top most process utilizing most CPU?
40 Alternative for top command?

2012-03-27 06:48:30

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Re: Solaris Admin Interview Questions And Answers

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