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Unix Commands Interview Questions And Answers

Operating Systems Windows Linux Unix and Mac :: Unix Commands Job Interview Questions and Answers

Unix Commands Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Unix makes little distinction between commands (user-level programs) for system operation and maintenance (e.g. cron), commands of general utility (e.g. grep), and more general-purpose applications such as the text formatting and typesetting package. So learn Unix Commands with the help of this Unix Commands Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 State and explain about features of UNIX?
2 Explain about sh?
3 Explain about system and user utilities?
4 Explain about document formatting?
5 Explain about communication features in UNIX?
6 Explain about chmod options filename?
7 Explain about gzip filename?
8 Explain about refer?
9 Explain about lpr filename?
10 Explain about lprm job number?
11 Brief about the command ff?
12 Brief about finger username?
13 Explain about the command elm?
14 Brief about the command kill PID?
15 Explain about the command lynx?
16 Brief about the command nn?
17 Brief about ftp hostname?

2012-03-27 06:47:59

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Re: Unix Commands Interview Questions And Answers

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