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Accounting General Interview Questions And Answers

Business Accounting Finance Marketing and HR :: General Accounting Job Interview Questions and Answers

General Accounting frequently Asked Questions in various Accounting General job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of General Accounting job interview

1 Suppose we given tour advance to party how to treat entry and which head have to given expenditure?
2 Explain what journal entry pass in case of vat refundable and in case of vat payable?
3 What is meant by spin-off?
4 Tell me Which company is coded in SENSEX?
5 How to explain the reasons to quit my previous job and what are the better reasons to quit my job?
6 Suppose in Baance sheet Furniture is given @ rs.1200000. and an adjustment tells that half of the building is used for residential purpose... then what is treatment in accounts?
7 What is difference between budget & budgeting?
8 If Sales is Rs 1000 (Inclusive of Vat), Vat Rate - 20%, What is Vat Payable?
9 What is the difference between journal voucher and contra?
10 What is payroll?
11 Suppose we are a trading company providing devices and some times after sales service. when any defect came we just replace the hardware from another defective device and getting the payment from the customer. how can we account that? is there any tax implications for this?
12 Can we do ca without maths as a subject?
13 What is TDS And Sale tax retrun?
14 What is the Bank Reconciliation? And How we can do its entry in busy Software?
15 Suppose we are selling a device for 6000 and the company want to replace that device with a new device which is a bit more than the prior price say 7000. how we can account this?
16 Wages are posted twice and what is the entry for that?
17 What is the TDS deduction & Service charges for FY 2011- 2012?
18 Maximum retail price rs.100 including vat 12.5 % what is basic price?
19 What is the difference of Fund Flow Statement and Cash Flow Statement?
20 What is Goodwill?
21 What is golden rules of account?

2012-03-27 06:05:32

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Re: Accounting General Interview Questions And Answers

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