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8085 Interview Questions And Answers

Computer Mobile Networking and Wireless Hardware Devices :: Intel 8085 Job Interview Questions and Answers

Intel 8085 Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Intel 8085 is an 8-bit microprocessor introduced by Intel in 1977. It was binary-compatible with the more-famous Intel 8080 but required less supporting hardware, thus allowing simpler and less expensive microcomputer systems to be built. So learn more about Intel 8085 with the help of this Intel 8085 Interview Questions with Answers guide and get preparation for hardware based

1 What is the difference between , page directive include, action tag include?
2 Have you used threads in Servelet?
3 IBM Interview Questions in Bangalore?
4 Difference between Java Beans & Servlets?
5 Just by seeing the signature of the bean how can you specify whether it is a Stateful or Stateless Session Bean?
6 What is the purpose of reserved word using in C#?
7 What are the minimal cost and minimal risksolution?
8 Which of the following is larger than 3/5? (1) ? (2) 39/50 (3) 7/25 (4) 3/10 (5) 59/100?
9 Name of at least ten software companies
10 How do you make programs portable on unix and Dos under such circumstances?
11 How many logical drives is it possible to fit onto a physical disk?
12 Why does microprocessor contain ROM chips?
13 What is Microprocessor?
14 What is object repository?
15 What is the logical difference b/w Move A TO B and COMPUTE B = A?
16 Why the temporary registers W and Z are named so i mean we start from A,B,C,D,E then H and L coz H stands for higher bit nd L for lower bit of the address pinted by memory pointer....but wats w and z for?
17 Can 8259 be interfaced with 8085 via the trap pin?
18 Why address bus is unidirectional and data bus is bidirectional?
19 Can an RC circuit be used as clock source for 8085?
20 In 8085 which is called as High order / Low order Register?
21 What is the RST for the TRAP?
22 What is clock frequency for 8085?
23 How many interrupts are there in 8085?
24 Name 5 different addressing modes?
25 Which interrupt has the highest priority?
26 What are Software interrupts?
27 What are Hardware interrupts?
28 In what way interrupts are classified in 8085?
29 Give an example of one address microprocessor?
30 What is Tri-state logic?
31 What is meant by a bus?
32 Which is the Stack used in 8085?
33 What is Program counter in 8085?
34 Which interrupt is not level-sensitive in 8085?
35 What does Quality factor mean?
36 What is the strength of the signal transmitted by powerful cell phones?
37 In 8085 name the 16 bit registers?
38 What are the various flags used in 8085?
39 What is Stack Pointer?

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Re: 8085 Interview Questions And Answers

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