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Teradata Interview Questions And Answers

Basic and Advance databases programming :: Teradata Job Interview Questions and Answers

Teradata Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Teradata is a hardware and software vendor specializing in data warehousing and analytic applications. Teradata was formerly a division of NCR Corporation. Learn more about Teradata by our Teradata Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 How teradata makes sure that there are no duplicate rows being inserted when its a SET table?
2 What is the difference between Global temporary tables and Volatile temporary tables?
3 What is an optimization and performance tuning and how does it really work in practical projects?
4 What is explain and how does it work?
5 What are the enhanced features in Teradata V2R5 and V2R6?
6 What the default privileges which get assigned ?
7 What is cliques? What is Vdisk and how it will communicate with physical data storage at the time of data retrieval through AMP?
8 What is basic teradata query language?
9 How many codd s rules are satisfied by teradata database?
10 What is the difference between Multiload and Fastload interms of Performance?
11 Does SDLC changes when you use Teradata instead of Oracle?
12 Which two statements are true about a foreign key?
13 What are two examples of an OLTP environment?
14 What is a common data source for the central enterprise data warehouse?
15 Which two can be implemented as a centrally located logical architecture?
16 What is the difference between start schma and Fsldm?
17 Can we have an unconnected lkp to lookup a DB2 record against a Teradata record? doesnt seem to work. I could be wrong.
18 What is stored procedure in Teradata?
19 What is Group by in Select statement?
20 How many codd,s rules are satisfied by teradata database?

2012-03-27 05:53:48

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Re: Teradata Interview Questions And Answers

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