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Firebird Interview Questions And Answers

Basic and Advance databases programming :: Firebird Job Interview Questions and Answers

Firebird Interview Questions and Answers will teach us now that Firebird is an open source relational database management system that runs on GNU/Linux, Windows, and a variety of Unix platforms. The database forked from Borlands open source edition of InterBase in 2000, so learn Firebird or get preparation for the job of Firebird with the help of this Firebird Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 Can I concurrently access a Firebird database with embedded and with regular server?
2 How to activate all indexes in Firebird?
3 How to add, remove, modify users using SQL?
4 How to change database dialect?
5 How to configure events with firewall?
6 How do convert or display the date or time as string?
7 How to create a database from my program?
8 How to deactivate triggers?
9 How to debug stored procedures?
10 How to detect applications and users that hold transactions open too long?
11 How to detect the server version?
12 How to determine who is and change the owner of database?
13 How to pipe multiline string to isql?
14 How to open the database in exclusive mode?
15 How to move a multi-file database?
16 How to monitor Firebird server activity?
17 How to migrate Paradox, dBase or FoxPro database to Firebird?
18 How to lock records in a table?
19 How to load a file into database column?
20 How to get a list of tables, views and columns in Firebird database?
21 How to extract metadata for the entire database?
22 How to export data from database and import into another?
23 How to drop all foreign keys in database?
24 How to do replication of Firebird databases?
25 How to disconnect the user connection?
26 How to prevent firebird.log file from filling up the disk partition?
27 How to pump the data from one database to another?
28 How to recreate the index on a Firebird table?
29 How to reorder the table columns (fields)?
30 How to repair a corrupt Firebird database?
31 How to select a random record from a table?
32 How to specify transaction or query timeout?
33 How to stop SuperServer service on Linux using only Firebird tools?
34 How to tell Firebird to only accept conections from XYZ host or network?
35 How to use events with ZeBeDee, SSH or stunnel?
36 How to write UDF s in Delphi?
37 Is it possible to determine clients IP address?
38 Is there a way to automate SQL execution from the command-line, batch job or shell script?
39 Is there a way to detect whether fbclient.dll or fbembed.dll is loaded?
40 Is there an example how to configure ExternalFileAccess setting in firebird.conf?
41 Is there an example how to configure UdfAccess setting in firebird.conf?
42 Is there some bulk load or other way to import a lot of data fast?
43 What  is the best way to determine whether Firebird server is running?
44 Why does reading require write privileges on database file?

2012-03-27 05:53:31

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Re: Firebird Interview Questions And Answers

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